A Romantic Trip to Québec City

A Romantic Trip to Québec City

In November, 2015, Hubs and I took a trip to Québec City, Canada. We’d spent a weekend down there five years before—our first weekend away together. Our second trip, this November, was to celebrate five years together. Québec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Québec. The town has a distinctly European feel—more Read More

#NaBloPoMo: Canadian Galleries and Museums

Canadian Galleries and Museums

Today I’m continuing my series on the finest galleries in the world, and bringing you with me to check out my favorite Canadian galleries and museums.  Most of my Canadian experience is limited to the provinces of British Columbia (because my sister is there), Ontario and Québec (as you know, we’ve been summering in Québec). I can’t recall Read More

#NaBloPoMo Bucket List Archeological Sites 2

Bucket List Archeological Travel

I’m continuing today with my list of amazing museums and galleries worldwide. Today though, I’m going to tell you about some sites that will help you to experience living history. When I was around 16, I had the opportunity to join my school mates on a trip to Europe. We visited three countries, starting in Read More

#NaBloPoMo Dream Big, Win Big

Dream Big, Win Big

When I was in college, I volunteered to take my three very rambunctious cousins to the water park for the day. It was well over an hour drive to get there, and I needed something to occupy the boys, all under twelve at the time, on the trip. Fortunately, we stopped at a gas station Read More

The Lowest Point of my Divorce 2

The Lowest Point of my Divorce

My daughter was about three months old, I’d left my ex when I was six months pregnant, nine months prior.  He was at the hospital when she was born and I’d done my best to keep him involved with her, although I was breastfeeding at the time, so it was difficult.  But even with the Read More

From "I Do" To "I Don't," Do You Know Who's to Blame? 1

From "I Do" To "I Don’t," Do You Know Who’s to Blame?

One of the things about becoming single again that can either be a good or a bad thing: you have a lot of time to think. Especially when the kids aren’t home. While there are certainly those who use their time to think about revenge, I spent a lot of that time engaged in self-reflection. Read More

Decluttering my Life: How I Defeated the Goblin King

Decluttering my Life: How I Defeated the Goblin King

Step 1:  Get rid of the thing that is causing you the most stress—your husband. OK.  So it doesn’t exactly work that easily. When you were considering leaving your ex, did you find that the clutter started to get overwhelming? For me, it was like there was something in my life cluttering not just the Read More