10 Reasons To Visit Orlando's Universal Studios WITHOUT YOUR KIDS 1

10 Reasons To Visit Orlando’s Universal Studios WITHOUT YOUR KIDS

I’m fresh back from Mom 2.0 in Orlando, Florida and whilst there, I made sure to take advantage of every amenity possible. I peed alone. I slept without interruption. I ate, not just one, but several entire meals while still hot. AND, because I was on a roll, I went to Universal Studios ALONE. And whilst Read More

Is Amazon Prints good for photos?  YES it is! Plus $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

Is #AmazonPrints good for photos? YES it is! Plus $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Amazon has launched Amazon Prints—a photo printing service that allows all customers to print their memories. Prime members can upload images to their Prime Photos account, print the product of their choice, and receive free delivery. If you’re not a Prime member, you’ll receive Read More

What To Do When Your Friend is an Insomniac 1

What To Do When Your Friend is an Insomniac

I don’t know if y’all know my friend Michelle Poston Combs, but if you don’t, you should. That lady is knock you on your ass hilarious. And her husband Randy is like the Bonnie to her Clyde, the cream to her coffee, the salt to her vinegar. Michelle’s site is Rubber Shoes in Hell. And Read More

New Features on Amazon Prime Photos and a $500 Amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway!

This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own. Remember when we were kids and our parents used to take out the camera and take pictures. It was like a special gift six months later when they finally got them printed and we could look through all the memories. Back then, photo sharing meant going Read More

#NaBloPoMo: Time for a Review

Time for a Review: NaBloPoMo 2016

When I did #NaBloPoMo last year, it was my first time, and I did it in part to see if I could (and would) write every single day. It was a great challenge, and similar to this year, I jumped in with both feet. I prepped WordPress with blanks, figured out where to go for Read More

NaBloPoMo November 23

An Instagram Life isn’t Real

It’s Wednesday, and #OnWednesdaysWeHaiku. The prompt for today wonders if Photoshop makes me ashamed of my body. Wow, I could write a page an a half about what Photoshop can do to a woman’s self-esteem. But luckily for you, it’s time to Haiku. An Instagram life Full of Photoshopped fiction And lacking verity. And lacking Read More

NaBloPoMo Baby Book for the Information Age

A Baby Book for the Information Age

You guys…today, for the very first time, my son texted me…(wait for it)…in MEME. He’s texted me before, but this was the first time he ever used memes to get his point across. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder. The memes were totally relevant and absolutely hilarious. I spent a few minutes laughing my ass Read More