Coparenting: Splitting Expenses without Losing Your Mind

Coparenting: Splitting Expenses without Losing Your Mind

When our divorce decree allowed for splitting expenses for our children in half, I thought it would be easy. All things being equal, with two kids, half means I pay for one kid and he pays for the other, right? So mid-January I received notification that it was time for our biannual payment for “pizza Read More

Environmental Awareness: Going Green

Environmental Awareness: Going Green

I’m the first to admit that we’re not the greenest of families, but I like to think that we’re greener than most. We recycle and try to reduce our waste consumption. Our city has an organics collection program, so we send food scraps and yard waste to be made into compost. We have a little Read More

Challenge Pain: Face Your Fear

Over my birthday this year, we spent some time again this year in Mont Tremblant with the family. My birthday present from my husband was tickets to go zip-lining over the lush mountain ranges with my nine-year-old daughter (my eldest wasn’t interested in joining us). It was an amazing adventure and although my leg presented Read More

Take a Breath

Childhood Asthma: Take a Breath

After my third child was unofficially diagnosed with asthma, I learned that markers for asthma appear as early as birth. After the physical exam, the doctor pulled up the records from his birth. The blood results showed the very same markers that are in his brother’s blood. They’re also in my own. Breath is such Read More

Burkinis and Red Clown Noses Have Something In Common - You'll Never Guess What

Burkinis and Red Clown Noses Have Something In Common – You’ll Never Guess What

There is nothing NOTHING that annoys me more than intolerance. There are millions across this planet and we ALL have one thing in common—we are ALL people. I don’t care if you’re black, white, or green; small or big; if you prefer the company of women, men or horses; or if you believe in God, Read More

Kids Spending the Summer With The Ex? 7 Survival Tips

Kids Spending the Summer With The Ex? 7 Survival Tips

I’m now at day 15 of what will be a 16-day period without seeing my kids. They’ve spent the first part of summer with the ex. No surprise—the Goblin King was again difficult with vacation this year, but it does appear to have worked out in my favor. Once they’re back, I’ll have almost a Read More

Mother's Curse Realized 15 Years Later

Mother’s Curse Realized As She Has Daughter “Just Like Her”

I remember the moment about 25 years ago.  I was a teenager – and ooohhh was I a teenager.  My parents had divorced, and quite frankly, I was a complete pain in the ass.  My mom grabbed me by the shoulders during a particularly intense argument that involved a lot of eye rolling, looked deep Read More

Couple Who Never Wanted Children Makes Shocking Announcement

Newlyweds, Children and Reproductive Privacy

When I was first married at 21, every party – wedding, shower – even funeral, I was always asked the same question: When are you guys going to have children? It seems like people think that when you get married you give up all rights to keep your reproductive activities private.  What was your most creative Read More

Parenting is Gross...and Other Things They Don't Tell You in Mommy School

Parenting is Gross…and Other Things They Don’t Tell You in Mommy School

I’ve been punched, kicked, spit at, kept awake for days, and had the body fluids deposited all over my body. That’s motherhood. Being a mother his hard work.  They burst out of your body in one of the most painful ways possible, and then use their huge baby blues to hook you into keeping them Read More

New Wearable Tech for the SAHM that Will Blow Your Mind

New Wearable Tech for the SAHM that Will Blow Your Mind

Do you ever wish that you had a coach to help you through those mom moments where you’re about to lose your shit? Wearable tech to remind you to control your breathing and calm the fuck down? What if there was technology that would detect your mood and remind you to add a bottle of Read More