NaBloPoMo November 23

An Instagram Life isn’t Real

It’s Wednesday, and #OnWednesdaysWeHaiku. The prompt for today wonders if Photoshop makes me ashamed of my body. Wow, I could write a page an a half about what Photoshop can do to a woman’s self-esteem. But luckily for you, it’s time to Haiku. An Instagram life Full of Photoshopped fiction And lacking verity. And lacking Read More

#NaBloPoMo: So Much to Get Done

So Much to Get Done

Some days I feel like I’ve got so much to do, and no time to do it. But such is the life of a mom. So today, a haiku. So much to get done And no time to do it in Time for a long break Time for a long break But laundry can’t do Read More

#NaBloPoMo My Last

My Last “Great” Conversation

As you know, #OnWednesdaysWeHaiku. So we’ll take a break from the museum series for a little poetry. Today’s prompt is “your last great conversation”. And while I can think of many in depth conversations, what first came to mind was the conversation I have with each of my children at the end of the day. Read More

Only Five Horses Left

Well…that was an interesting couple of days. And what with the Cubs winning the other day too, I’m pretty sure we only have five horseman coming now… But I digress. Today’s prompt has to do with the last time I faced a challenge. And the last time that I took a big leap, was literally Read More

Nighttime Snack

Nighttime Snack

The prompt today is fears and phobias. And Wednesdays are Haiku days on Live By Surprise for the entire month of November. So I’ve added the two together—because one of my phobias relates to the urban legend that suggests that you eat eight spiders every year while you’re sleeping. The Backstory When we were in Holland Read More


Check Your Dignity at the Door

It’s been a long three years since I was last pregnant (I’m not pregnant again…just to be clear, and I never will be), but this week’s haikuhorizons prompt “waves” got me thinking about the last time I was. How often do you get a chance to write a pregnancy haiku anyway? Although my other pregnancies Read More

My To-Do List

My To-Do List

The prompt for this week on haikuhorizons is “remember”. As a mom, I’m always finding that there are long lists of things I need to remember to do. I’d like to think I can recall them all, but sometimes I need a little help. Things to remember Milk, butter, eggs – pick up kids. To-do Read More

Time for Rest

Time for Rest

Well…the haikuhorizons prompt this week–“rest”–begged me to jump in.  Although it’s been a lovely and finally warm weekend, my mother’s family has, in the space of four days, lost two men still in the prime of their lives.  My mother’s cousin lost her (STBX) husband and the father of her three children to a heart Read More

Twice the Blessing?  Twice the Curse...

Twice the Blessing? Twice the Curse…

The haikuhorizons prompt this week is “match”.  Of course…I went a bit dark. The twins clothing matched Mother insisted on it They weren’t very pleased. It was cute in youth But they aged – mom got them bows. The neighbors would stare. When she disappeared Mom’s absence was notable – They no longer matched. Want Read More