Life Has No Remote: Get Up and Change It Yourself

Life Has No Remote: Get Up and Change It Yourself

I was just reading another fantastic blog by my friend Kimberly at “All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something” (I reviewed her blog here.)  Her blog today is entitled “Mr. Sun“, and she suggests: “I hate hearing people say “You shouldn’t be doing that” or “I thought that you couldn’t handle things Read More

I Am NOT a Survivor 2

I Am NOT a Survivor

I am not a survivor. Not in the sense that I’m not still among the living.  I just hate that word. Survivor.   Sounds like I was up against something completely insurmountable that most people never make it through. That I’ve been victimized. I am not a victim. The word “survivor” also comes with an implication Read More

#NaBloPoMo: Facing Surgery? Read This!

Facing Surgery? Read This!

I bonded with writer Christine Carter from The Mom Café because we were both incapacitated by leg injury for a number of months. I was super excited to hear that she was writing a book to help others out with their recovery not only from similar injury, but from injury or surgery in general. She gave Read More

The Shadow of Pain is Cast

The Shadow of Pain is Cast

After the accident, I pushed forward. I expected to walk again. I expected to get my life back. But life kicked me in the ass. After months of recovery and physiotherapy, there was still pain, and I still couldn’t walk like before. After further examination, the doctors discovered a bone chip in my foot. The Read More

NaBloPoMo November 13

Bad News…and Hope

Given my frustration with the testing, I am sure you can imagine that the results were not as rosy as I would have liked. The diagnosis was Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). The accident must have caused a jostling of my head to the extent that I was experiencing after effects more than a year later. Read More

#NaBloPoMo: I Was Broken

I Was Broken

Before the accident, I was… Whole. After…well… I didn’t notice at first. In the process of my recovery, the loss of words was hidden under the haze of opiates and glossed over by more physical injuries. If I couldn’t remember something, it was clearly the fault of the drugs or the pain. I wasn’t reading Read More

#NaBloPoMo - Until the Accident

Until the Accident

We picked through the hardware store, my two-year-old tugging on my hand and pointing. “What’s that?” His curiosity knows no bounds. He’s finally started talking, and the world is opening up for him. He wants to be able to relate to the world around him–and the questions are not only incessant but insistent. He wants Read More

Challenge Pain: Face Your Fear

Over my birthday this year, we spent some time again this year in Mont Tremblant with the family. My birthday present from my husband was tickets to go zip-lining over the lush mountain ranges with my nine-year-old daughter (my eldest wasn’t interested in joining us). It was an amazing adventure and although my leg presented Read More

Name Your Fear

Name Your Fear

Conventional wisdom suggests that naming your fears will help you to conquer them.  While I have few remaining vestiges of the mental health trauma I experienced after the accident, I have discovered that I have developed a fear of enclosed spaces.  Specifically – I have a fear of long underwater tunnels.  I discovered this fear, Read More