Follow Your Own Path 1

What I’ve Learned: Follow Your Own Path

Deep breath time. I’ve just packed the kids off to school and back to their father’s for a few days. This blog is supposed to be about helping me to work through my issues and to give you some inspiration to keep positive about life. I strive very hard to do that – not only Read More

Flu Season is Coming: Beware the Bugs!

Flu Season is Coming: Beware the Bugs!

The good thing about becoming a mother to an infant is that you get to grow into each illness together. Every bug that comes home with your child has about a 90% chance of infecting you as well. You might recall I wrote about the “fun” daycare bugs. I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t sound Read More

#NaBloPoMo - A Life Well Lived

#NaBloPoMo – A Life Well Lived

Today’s a bit more serious topic…have you ever wondered what would be said about you after you died? I would hope that if someone was reading my eulogy, they would have known me well. And I hope that some of what I say below is what they would say: Liv was a woman with a Read More

What is a

What is a “Perfect Marriage”?

On several occasions since my divorce, I’ve met new people (like the kids’ friends’ parents) who have also had the opportunity to meet my ex. If given the opportunity to get to know them a little better, I’m always asked the same question – how did you ever marry that guy? It is, of course, Read More

Don't Blink...It's the Plants 1

Don’t Blink…It’s the Plants

This post came about a number of ways.  First I read this hilarious post by Michelle Poston Combs at Rubber Shoes in Hell.  I’ve met Michelle – and she’s awesome.  If you’re not following her, you should.  I giggled at the hilarious exchange between Michelle and her husband Randy.  Because that’s me and Hubs exactly. Read More

I'm Cultured.  Really.  I Am.

I Owe My Love of Opera to Looney Toons

My parents were cultured.  We went once a year to a Christmas Pantomime.  They took us to the ballet.  We sang Gilbert and Sullivan in the car, and listened to classical music.  My exposure to the “Opera” was very limited though.  So limited that when Hubs and I went to the Opera this past week, Read More

Being Aware of Your Fears...

Chinese Fortunes and Being Aware of Your Fears…

We had Chinese food the other night.  I don’t generally take stock in Chinese mystisism as touted by a badly made cookie, but as I shared with the children, I pulled a fortune that had a deeper meaning. Being Aware of Your Fears Will Improve Your Life I had a dream the night before.  In Read More