Cross Your Fingers (and Maybe Your Toes?)

Cross Your Fingers (and Maybe Your Toes?)

After my Easter post and against my better judgement, I agreed to meet the Goblin King for mediation a few days later than the original date that was offered to us.  That day is today.  I got myself a new t-shirt to wear to the meeting. I’m going to ask you all for your collective positive Read More

Easter Penance

Easter Penance

Happy Zombie Chesus Day! (Sorry if this offends you – I am a lapsed Catholic and have the utmost respect for whatever beliefs you may or may not have – but would point out that the dude rose from the dead according to the story…so…zombie). Anyhoo…the last few days have been…fun. As they tend to Read More

Down the Road Again

Down the Road Again

I didn’t write about it here…but at Christmas, the Goblin King and I had another wobble.  Although we have a very specific holiday agreement, it’s not in the court order.  And although I strive wherever possible to ensure that we’re both on the same page well in advance of each of the holidays, the Goblin Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

The Hollywood Coparent Continuum

Some days, I feel like there’s a divorce continuum – and I’m on the lower end of the spectrum.  On the high end?  Princess Goop and her ex and their conscious uncoupling.  As pretentious as the whole announcement was – I feel a minor jealousy pangs that people like Gwyneth and Chris Martin seem to have Read More

A Case of the

A Case of the “What Ifs”

I am weary. You know it’s not in my nature to fight. That’s why you thought I was the perfect wife. That’s why you were so surprised when I left. I’ve rarely agreed with you, but with enough pressure, I would generally acquiesce to your demands. I suspect it’s also why you always wait until Read More

Sunday Confession:  Please Release Me

Sunday Confession: Please Release Me

The pressure builds and builds.  I long for release. There are days when the struggle with my ex-husband seems too much. I don’t wish he was dead (exactly), but there are days when I wish he would just disappear from our lives completely. The pragmatic part of me knows that this loss would hurt the Read More

Waiting for the Piano Plane 1

Waiting for the Piano Plane

Although I often wish he was out of the picture, I would never, ever actually take action to remove my ex from my life. I know how much it would hurt the children. But there are days when I get wistful. Days when he’s stretched me to the limit and I have no outlet but Read More

Co-Parenting and Clothing Exchanges - A How NOT to Guide

Co-Parenting and Clothing Exchanges – A How NOT to Guide

Ugggghhh!!!  The Clothes!! Go to Google and type “clothing exchange after divorce”.  You’ll find a number of frustrated parents (both men and women) who haven’t been able to constructively solve this little issue. I’ll admit it.  I’m one of them.  It’s one of those nitpicky things that for way too long, I haven’t quite been Read More

Do My Children Need Therapy? A Divorced Mother's Worries

Do My Children Need Therapy? A Divorced Mother’s Worries

Do my children need therapy? I have to admit, this is something I’ve struggled with.  I’ve had extensive therapy since leaving their father – and it’s helped me a great deal.  I’ve been able to reflect on why I married their father, why I stayed married for almost ten years despite a broken relationship.  Why Read More

Snowflakes and Helicopters

Snowflakes and Helicopters

So my ex, the Goblin King (who is also apparently a huge drama queen), has sent me yet another entertaining e-mail. A little back story – as Hubs and I both work outside the home, generally in the mornings we will drop them off at school before we head to work. However, as a convenience, Read More