What is a

What is a “Perfect Marriage”?

On several occasions since my divorce, I’ve met new people (like the kids’ friends’ parents) who have also had the opportunity to meet my ex. If given the opportunity to get to know them a little better, I’m always asked the same question – how did you ever marry that guy? It is, of course, Read More

My To-Do List

My To-Do List

The prompt for this week on haikuhorizons is “remember”. As a mom, I’m always finding that there are long lists of things I need to remember to do. I’d like to think I can recall them all, but sometimes I need a little help. Things to remember Milk, butter, eggs – pick up kids. To-do Read More

What Happens When A Writer's Son Can't Read?

What Happens When A Writer’s Son Can’t Read?

As they pulled my son from the fresh slice in my abdomen, he had a bluish tinge.  He was not crying.  Up to that point, I hadn’t spoken his name aloud: it was a secret that only he and I knew. “Why isn’t Puck crying?” I croaked, touching the nurse’s hand to get her attention Read More

Parenting is Gross...and Other Things They Don't Tell You in Mommy School

Parenting is Gross…and Other Things They Don’t Tell You in Mommy School

I’ve been punched, kicked, spit at, kept awake for days, and had the body fluids deposited all over my body. That’s motherhood. Being a mother his hard work.  They burst out of your body in one of the most painful ways possible, and then use their huge baby blues to hook you into keeping them Read More

6 Eighties Songs You Didn't Know Were About Sex

6 Eighties Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Sex

Ahhhh…the eighties.  Remember that time?  Driving your Hot Wheels up the street to have play My Little Pony v. HeMan with your best friend?  (Just me?) You could just walk out the front door and as long as you were back by dark, no one called the police?  And the music – oh the music. Read More

Breast isn't Always Best

Breast isn’t Always Best

I want to say upfront that I judge no woman who makes an effort to ensure that her child is appropriately nourished. I struggled with it – but I breastfed all three of my children for six months each. Despite hours of daily pumping, doulas, lactation specialists, medications, teas – my body never produced enough Read More

The Diaper Continuum - From Clean to Why Did I Reproduce? 3

The Diaper Continuum – From Clean to Why Did I Reproduce?

If you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you’ll realize that the types of diapers you come across are colorful and varied – and generally fall across a continuum of types: 1.  Clean Baby might have just farted.  Nothing to see here. 2.  Just wet This one is a small pee.  Not too smelly, Read More