#NaBloPoMo - Childhood Attachments

#NaBloPoMo – Childhood Attachments

Do you have a “thing” from your childhood that you were overly attached to and wanted to pass down to your children? I had two. Both of them from my Great Grandfather who was a soldier in World War I. The first was a medal he received for his service. It was a hard war. Read More

Finding the Black Sheep 1

Finding the Black Sheep

In researching my family tree, I’ve found that I come from the salt of the earth. But I’ve also found that when you’re digging sometimes you find dirt. I’ve been researching my family tree since before my eldest was born. I discovered some online resources, and connected with distant family members in far off lands. (OK, Read More

Time for Rest

Time for Rest

Well…the haikuhorizons prompt this week–“rest”–begged me to jump in.  Although it’s been a lovely and finally warm weekend, my mother’s family has, in the space of four days, lost two men still in the prime of their lives.  My mother’s cousin lost her (STBX) husband and the father of her three children to a heart Read More

The Grandmother Diaries:  My

The Grandmother Diaries:  My “Great” Aunt

If you’ve followed my Grandmother Diaries, you’ve “met” my Gran.  All my life (and most of hers), Gran’s younger sister Minerva lived a block away.  I’m not quite sure how it happened…my Gran moved into the house she was in most the time I knew her after my Grandfather died.  I never knew him – Read More

My First #NaBloPoMo Post is a #TToT

My First #NaBloPoMo Post is a #TToT

It’s officially November and today marks the first day of my very first National Blog Posting Month.  I’m using #NaBloPoMo to see if I have the chops for one extended month of writing, writing and more writing. What better way to start the month and get my creative juices flowing then to do a Ten Read More

The Grandmother Diaries:  My Kids Are My Life

The Grandmother Diaries: My Kids Are My Life

“I have been reading my 1985-86 journals. It seems all I do is worry about Auntie and the children. I’ve got to stop and start thinking about me.  They have a life of their own and it doesn’t include me.  Once in a while they think about me.  I’m sure I did the same with Read More

The Grandmother Diaries:  Neighbors and Friends

The Grandmother Diaries:  Neighbors and Friends

Found an interesting tidbit in Gran’s diaries on June 19, 1987.  I’ll let her use her own words: Hot – got cloudy.  Lots of humidity. Cool in house – cleaned up vacuumed rugs.  Washed floors. Man from across street came over and told me his whole history.  He talks with German accent. Hard to understand. Read More

Simple Memories

The Grandmother Diaries: Simple Memories

I’m still slowly working my way through her diaries.  Today, I thought perhaps I’d just write about all the memories that the entries are inspiring. My Gran was a formidable woman.  Despite her anxiety issues, she managed to raise two kids almost completely on her own. I remember her working in a mall jewelry shop Read More

The Grandmother Diaries - Memories and Deaths

The Grandmother Diaries – Memories and Deaths

Two days ago, I found out that one of my favorite Great Aunt Jill had died. Her husband, my Nan’s brother, died while I was bursting pregnant with my eldest. I realized as I received the news of Jill, I have no actual memories of my uncle, even though he survived to my thirtieth year. Read More

The Grandmother Diaries - A Chance Encounter

The Grandmother Diaries – A Chance Encounter

I’ve been flipping through Gran’s diary – and I came across an interesting entry on Saturday March 21, 1987: Sunny – warm.  Lazy – did puzzle (escaping).  Must go for a walk. Went downtown on bus quite an experience.  Young man got on slightly loaded sat behind me.  He opened the window – then leaned Read More