The Grandmother Diaries: I Opened the Box 1

The Grandmother Diaries: I Opened the Box

I finally jumped into Pandora’s box. I pulled out a handful of Gran’s journals today. I’m starting with 1987 – as it seems to be the earliest I found. Just the first page brings back memories. It’s yellow, curled a little and smells faintly of cigarettes. She lists the times of her favorite TV shows Read More

#1000Speak - Accepting and Moving On 1

#1000Speak – Accepting and Moving On

If you haven’t read about #1000Speak before, check out these posts… Be compassion. Feel compassion. Live compassion. Compassion for the Bully #1000Speak for Charleston, Ferguson and Paris… Re-connecting with Yourself Compassion for the Earth If you have, then you may know that this month’s topic is acceptance. This morning, I delved into my Gran’s diaries. Read More