To Feel Happiness, Set Your Heart on Doing Good #1000Speak

To Feel Happiness, Set Your Heart on Doing Good #1000Speak

Today is International Day of Happiness (Happy International Happiness Day everyone!) It’s also #1000Speak Day for March.  The theme this month is happiness. I have a much better understanding of “happiness” now than I ever have.  In part, I think, because I’ve experienced unhappiness in my life.  And it’s easier to understand what something is Read More

Some Things Cannot Be Forgiven #1000Speak

Some Things Cannot Be Forgiven #1000Speak

The theme for this month’s #1000Speak post is one that I feel completely unqualified to write about.  Forgiveness. It’s not something I write about often (or that I’ve ever written about here at length), but the reason I feel unqualified is because I believe that there are, sometimes, things that you just can’t forgive or Read More

November 20 - #NaBloPoMo #1000Speak

When Compassion Isn’t Your First Instinct – #1000Speak

A few days ago, on the main street about five minutes (in normal traffic) from my house, I got stuck in traffic.  Abnormal traffic.  Instead of less than five minutes to my house, my car edged through three traffic lights.  By the time I figured out what the problem was, I’d been waiting ten minutes. Read More

#1000Speak - Compassion and Love

#1000Speak – Compassion and Love

I’ve been struggling to find some inspiration for this month’s #1000Speak topic – Love. I think a part of my problem is that I just can’t separate “compassion” from “love”. The two are inexorably intertwined. When I think about compassion, two people come to mind: The Dalai Lama has spent a good part of his Read More

#1000Speak - Listen to your Children with Compassion

#1000Speak – Listen to your Children with Compassion

Listen. It’s such a simple word. An anagram for silent. Which you should be while you’re listening. But listening isn’t the same as hearing. It’s not the same at all. Listening, active listening, involves actually taking the time to digest what the other person is saying. It takes time. And sometimes, it involves compassion. I Read More

#1000Speak - Accepting and Moving On 1

#1000Speak – Accepting and Moving On

If you haven’t read about #1000Speak before, check out these posts… Be compassion. Feel compassion. Live compassion. Compassion for the Bully #1000Speak for Charleston, Ferguson and Paris… Re-connecting with Yourself Compassion for the Earth If you have, then you may know that this month’s topic is acceptance. This morning, I delved into my Gran’s diaries. Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

#1000Speak for Charleston, Ferguson and Paris…

The theme for this month’s #1000Speak for Compassion post is simply that “compassion”.  I feel like it should be a simple thing.  Compassion. It should be something that we all inherently have as a part of us when we’re born. Something that we feel towards others.  That we don’t have to nurture.  That just exists. Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

#1000Speak – Re-connecting with Yourself

The past few weeks you may have noticed that my posts have gotten a little deeper.  I’ve been trying to reconnect and re-engage myself in several ways – especially related to my divorce.  It’s very difficult sometimes as my co-parenting relationship continues to be maddening.  Although I don’t appreciate the stereotype – it is true Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

#1000Speak – Compassion for the Bully

Today’s #1000Speak post is supposed to be about bullying.  And more specifically, compassion for bullies. Yes, you’re probably thinking bullies are the worst people on the planet and don’t deserve our compassion. I suppose in some cases that’s true. Consider however that some bullies don’t know any better.  They weren’t raised the same way that Read More