#1000Speak - Accepting and Moving On 1

#1000Speak – Accepting and Moving On

If you haven’t read about #1000Speak before, check out these posts… Be compassion. Feel compassion. Live compassion. Compassion for the Bully #1000Speak for Charleston, Ferguson and Paris… Re-connecting with Yourself Compassion for the Earth If you have, then you may know that this month’s topic is acceptance. This morning, I delved into my Gran’s diaries. Read More

Bad Relationships and Rose Colored Glasses

Bad Relationships and Rose Colored Glasses

Years and experiences have taught me that if someone is wearing rose-colored glasses, they’re completely unaware of it.  It’s like one night while they were sleeping, someone slipped them on and they didn’t realize it when they woke up.  They just continued on with their life, not realizing that if they took off the glasses, Read More

I Wouldn't Change a Thing 1

My Destination is No Longer Set by the Way the Wind Blows

I was struck today by a thought.  We’re still renovating (painting) the new condo.  Hubs and I have been working fairly effectively together. I’m doing the middle of the walls and he’s doing the detail work. We turned on some music, poured out the paint, and just got it done.   The way we work Read More