#NaBloPoMo: Canadian Galleries and Museums

Canadian Galleries and Museums

Today I’m continuing my series on the finest galleries in the world, and bringing you with me to check out my favorite Canadian galleries and museums.  Most of my Canadian experience is limited to the provinces of British Columbia (because my sister is there), Ontario and Québec (as you know, we’ve been summering in Québec). I can’t recall Read More

Wandering Time Is Come

Wandering Time Is Come

Shesh, my brown bear, looks back – Sesi, white as snow, at his side.  Genen, old and wise, leads with his sister, Qimuki, a strong puller. I place my mukluks on the runner and brace myself for a long, cold supply run. “MUSH!”     See larger image Mush! Revised: A Beginner’s Manual of Sled Read More

November 14, 2015 - French Counsulate, Quebec, Canada

#IStandWithParis #NoMoreAttacks

I am in shock that yet again, there has been a coordinated series of events – orchestrated by human beings – to spread chaos and bring an end the lives of innocents. My thoughts are with the people in Paris and their friends and families. I’m leaving you with a pic of the French Consulate Read More