Fight or Flight: Embracing my Gray Hair

Co-Parenting with a Bully

I’ve been feeling very frustrated and “stuck” for the last couple of months.  I think it’s the Christmas kerfuffle that did it to me.  I feel like I’m constantly fighting. Let’s be clear – my ex is a bully.  Plain and simple.  He’s very insecure and tries to assert himself in the only way he knows how – Read More

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This Too Shall Pass 1

This Too Shall Pass

I am, yet again, shaking with rage. It happens every so often, and the trigger is generally the same. If you’ve been regularly reading my blog, I’d hazard you can guess who it is. I’m trying.  I’m trying so very hard to make everything simple. I break down every transaction, I use small, easy to Read More

Are you sharing? I LOVE sharing!