The Grandmother Diaries:  My

The Grandmother Diaries:  My “Great” Aunt

If you’ve followed my Grandmother Diaries, you’ve “met” my Gran.  All my life (and most of hers), Gran’s younger sister Minerva lived a block away.  I’m not quite sure how it happened…my Gran moved into the house she was in most the time I knew her after my Grandfather died.  I never knew him – Read More

Childhood Anxiety - Don't Pass It On

Childhood Anxiety – Don’t Pass It On

I’m going to use a BlogHer prompt for my sixth #NaBloPoMo, NaNoPoblano, YeahWriteMe NoMo Challenge today: What was your biggest fear as a child?  Do you still have it today?  If it went away, when did your feelings change? It’s amusing, because on this very day I’m taking my daughter to do the thing that Read More

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo 1

If You Remember These…You Might Be Old

In keeping with #NaBloPoMo, I’m posting today using the BlogHer writing prompt for November 2nd. What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little? If you’re new to the page, you might not know that I turned forty this year.  This makes me a child of Read More

Shared Custody, Pennies And How I Get The Most Out of Spending Time With My Kids

Shared Custody, Pennies And How I Get The Most Out of Spending Time With My Kids

When considering divorce, a major deciding factor is sometimes the amount of time that you get to spend with your children.  After all, you only have approximately eighteen years together (more or less) – and after divorce, you might suddenly find that you’ve reduced your time by half (depending on your custody agreement).  In my Read More

Simple Memories

The Grandmother Diaries: Simple Memories

I’m still slowly working my way through her diaries.  Today, I thought perhaps I’d just write about all the memories that the entries are inspiring. My Gran was a formidable woman.  Despite her anxiety issues, she managed to raise two kids almost completely on her own. I remember her working in a mall jewelry shop Read More

The Grandmother Diaries: I Opened the Box 1

The Grandmother Diaries: I Opened the Box

I finally jumped into Pandora’s box. I pulled out a handful of Gran’s journals today. I’m starting with 1987 – as it seems to be the earliest I found. Just the first page brings back memories. It’s yellow, curled a little and smells faintly of cigarettes. She lists the times of her favorite TV shows Read More

Building Strong Children 1

Building Strong Children

I love those little revelations that come with spending time with family. I’m just back from a week’s holiday in Canada – my mother, her dog, and my niece joined us. My mom reminded me of a number of things that happened when I was a child. And one little comment sent me spinning. She Read More