#NaBloPoMo - Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

My mother grew up with an older sister and three younger brothers. I don’t think it was the easiest of childhoods. My grandfather abused and cheated on my grandmother and eventually left her for the other woman when my mother was a teenager (which, in the long run, was actually a blessing for Nan). I Read More

Time for Rest

Time for Rest

Well…the haikuhorizons prompt this week–“rest”–begged me to jump in.  Although it’s been a lovely and finally warm weekend, my mother’s family has, in the space of four days, lost two men still in the prime of their lives.  My mother’s cousin lost her (STBX) husband and the father of her three children to a heart Read More

Death with Compassion:  Where is the Line? #1000Speak 1

Death with Compassion:  Where is the Line? #1000Speak

Like most healthy couples, Hubs and I have had discussions about what happens if one of us gets sick. Not so much the day to day. More about our philosophies on life…and death. Of course we have our wills up to date, our financial affairs in order as much as possible, insurance policies to cover Read More

Conversation In the Freezer - #Microstory 1

Conversation In the Freezer – #Microstory

You were in pain for a week? I don’t understand.  The doctor’s office was friendly and efficient.  You could have made an appointment at a moment’s notice.  They say it could have been fixed! It’s too late now.  Your funeral is tomorrow. Image Credit:  morguefiles Follow Live by Surprise on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin

Simple Memories

The Grandmother Diaries: Simple Memories

I’m still slowly working my way through her diaries.  Today, I thought perhaps I’d just write about all the memories that the entries are inspiring. My Gran was a formidable woman.  Despite her anxiety issues, she managed to raise two kids almost completely on her own. I remember her working in a mall jewelry shop Read More

The Grandmother Diaries - Memories and Deaths

The Grandmother Diaries – Memories and Deaths

Two days ago, I found out that one of my favorite Great Aunt Jill had died. Her husband, my Nan’s brother, died while I was bursting pregnant with my eldest. I realized as I received the news of Jill, I have no actual memories of my uncle, even though he survived to my thirtieth year. Read More

I’ll Love You Forever

Over each of my children’s beds is the quote from Robert Munsch’s most popular book: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be.”   A reminder for each of them.  At the beginning and end of each day. If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve Read More