November 2 - #NaBloPoMo 1

If You Remember These…You Might Be Old

In keeping with #NaBloPoMo, I’m posting today using the BlogHer writing prompt for November 2nd. What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little? If you’re new to the page, you might not know that I turned forty this year.  This makes me a child of Read More

Unpacking Emotional Baggage - A Love Story

Unpacking Emotional Baggage – A Love Story

I have a girlfriend that I’ve known for over ten years.  We worked together in the same office for a time. It was a difficult office – our boss was a bit of a tyrant, and as a result, a number of us grew quite close and have had friendships that survived a reorg which Read More

Should Your Sister be Your Best Friend?  Is She?

Should Your Sister be Your Best Friend? Is She?

There are all these quotes about sisters – and how they’re your first and only true friend.  Don’t get me wrong – if anyone hurt my sister, I’d be in their face like the overattentive perfume lady at the department store – but we’re not friends.  We never have been.  And it’s likely we never Read More

Cutting the Umbilical Cord - First Day of Preschool

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Whenever somebody new comes into my life and becomes aware of my continual issues with my ex husband, I always, always, always get asked the same question.  Especially if they’ve had some opportunity to meet him.   Why did you marry him? They’re truly perplexed that the woman before them – who seems so put Read More

Coparenting: Splitting Expenses without Losing Your Mind

Twitter has a New Fan

I’m so very new to the Twitter community.  I’ve been on Facebook for about five years, but my real exposure to Twitter started only a few weeks ago.  My Facebook years have allowed me to stay in touch with people I would not normally have had the opportunity to.  It’s also given me entertainment and Read More