Don't Blink...It's the Plants 1

Don’t Blink…It’s the Plants

This post came about a number of ways.  First I read this hilarious post by Michelle Poston Combs at Rubber Shoes in Hell.  I’ve met Michelle – and she’s awesome.  If you’re not following her, you should.  I giggled at the hilarious exchange between Michelle and her husband Randy.  Because that’s me and Hubs exactly. Read More

Nonsense from the Goblin King - #NaBloPoMo

Nonsense from the Goblin King

The Goblin King (my ex) is escalating again.  Our agreement with the mediator was that we’d send one e-mail per exchange, detailing any pertinent information regarding the children.  Yesterday, I received three. The third one could have easily been dealt with, but it’s now gotten into the area of bizarre. The first e-mail was: I Read More

When Odd Coincidences Pile Up

Co-Parenting and Sick Kids…

So…poor Puck has been feeling poorly since Saturday afternoon.  He’s been mostly OK, taking in a normal amount of fluids, but not eating much, and a low grade fever.  Some minor vomiting.  But as today is a transfer day, I had to let my ex know last night as he’d have to make arrangements for Read More

When Odd Coincidences Pile Up

The Dreaded IEP Review

The long awaited IEP review for Puck happened yesterday.  For those of you who need some review: Diagnosis: Dysgraphia – Struggling Against my Ex AND the System Nature vs. Nurture: How to combat a predisposition to mental illness when co-parenting with a narcissist Now that you’re caught up, the school called about a week ago Read More