When Life Hands You Asshats...

When Life Hands You Asshats…

Shannon Bradley Colleary, The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful, has dealt with her share of asshats in her life.  In fact, she could write a book.  (Actually, she is writing a book).  Luckily for Shannon, she’s used those experiences, and moved on – and she’ll be sharing what she’s learned with us in her book. Read More

Sunday Confession:  Please Release Me

Sunday Confession: Please Release Me

The pressure builds and builds.  I long for release. There are days when the struggle with my ex-husband seems too much. I don’t wish he was dead (exactly), but there are days when I wish he would just disappear from our lives completely. The pragmatic part of me knows that this loss would hurt the Read More

Not all wounds are visible: Insights into marriage with a narcissist 1

5 Tips To Cope With High Conflict Co-Parenting

I know a number of very lucky women who after divorcing or leaving their child’s father, either had him drop off the face of the planet, or who have a wonderful post-divorce relationship with their ex.  Both groups are able to parent their children both with the same goal – ensuring that their children grown Read More

Diagnosis: Dysgraphia - Struggling Against my Ex AND the System

Diagnosis: Dysgraphia – Struggling Against my Ex AND the System

My son was experiencing some difficulties learning to read.  He had been in the same day care since age one.  When I left my ex he was two and a half.  My ex worked 12 hours shifts, and to avoid conflict during our divorce, I gave in to his request to take my son out Read More