Breast isn't Always Best

Breast isn’t Always Best

I want to say upfront that I judge no woman who makes an effort to ensure that her child is appropriately nourished. I struggled with it – but I breastfed all three of my children for six months each. Despite hours of daily pumping, doulas, lactation specialists, medications, teas – my body never produced enough Read More

That Day, The Sneetches Forgot About Stars - #YesAllSneetches

That Day, The Sneetches Forgot About Stars – #YesAllSneetches

I am a 5’8″ 155 lb 38 year old woman.  I’ve had three children.  I have scars, both from the C-Sections that brought my children into the world and from numerous surgeries from my car accident.  I have stretch marks.  I have lived.  My body has enjoyed carrying three children.  I proudly wear the stretch Read More