Since My Divorce: Learning and Growing

Since My Divorce: Learning and Growing

Divorce is a life changing event. It’s also an opportunity: to learn more about yourself and grow into the person you were meant to be. My divorce and my post-divorce situation have been one of the most difficult trials I’ve had to go through. But I like to feel that I’ve taken the pieces of Read More

What Happens When A Writer's Son Can't Read?

What Happens When A Writer’s Son Can’t Read?

As they pulled my son from the fresh slice in my abdomen, he had a bluish tinge.  He was not crying.  Up to that point, I hadn’t spoken his name aloud: it was a secret that only he and I knew. “Why isn’t Puck crying?” I croaked, touching the nurse’s hand to get her attention Read More

How Do You Make Report Card Day Positive for a Child with Learning Disabilities? 1

Learning Disabilities: Making Report Card Day Positive

Living with a learning disability means that report card day has been very difficult in the past. I think my son dreaded the report card almost as much as I did. Because the school insists that you go over the report card with your child. Which I totally understand. But when most of the feedback Read More

Learning to Succeed - A Mother's Gift to her Children

Learning to Succeed: A Mother’s Gift to her Children

It’s so hard these days to decide which type of parent you want to be. I want to supportive of my children. Yet I want to give them the room they need to figure out who they are and grow. Puck is a very cautious child. Part and parcel of his learning disability is an Read More

When Should you Teach your Children to be Independent? 1

When Should you Teach your Children to be Independent?

I face a continual struggle with my children’s birth father with regard to parenting techniques.  I work very hard to foster their spirit and independence and self-confidence.  My ex doesn’t understand because that isn’t the way he was raised.  He works hard to ensure the children are dependent on him, in part, I think, because Read More