What Happens When A Writer's Son Can't Read?

What Happens When A Writer’s Son Can’t Read?

As they pulled my son from the fresh slice in my abdomen, he had a bluish tinge.  He was not crying.  Up to that point, I hadn’t spoken his name aloud: it was a secret that only he and I knew. “Why isn’t Puck crying?” I croaked, touching the nurse’s hand to get her attention Read More

My First Day of High School: A Horror Story

Crying Wolf in the Age of Social Media

“There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, ‘Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!’” Of course, the villagers come to his aid, more than once (as he found their response more Read More

How Do You Make Report Card Day Positive for a Child with Learning Disabilities? 1

Learning Disabilities: Making Report Card Day Positive

Living with a learning disability means that report card day has been very difficult in the past. I think my son dreaded the report card almost as much as I did. Because the school insists that you go over the report card with your child. Which I totally understand. But when most of the feedback Read More

My First Day of High School: A Horror Story

8 Things I Learned from My Divorce

Getting a divorce means closing a chapter of your old life and starting a new one.  It doesn’t mean completely closing the door and forgetting about the past – it means learning from it and becoming a stronger person because of it. Read the full article on DivorcedMoms.com Follow Live by Surprise on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook

Learning to Succeed - A Mother's Gift to her Children

Learning to Succeed: A Mother’s Gift to her Children

It’s so hard these days to decide which type of parent you want to be. I want to supportive of my children. Yet I want to give them the room they need to figure out who they are and grow. Puck is a very cautious child. Part and parcel of his learning disability is an Read More

When Should you Teach your Children to be Independent? 1

When Should you Teach your Children to be Independent?

I face a continual struggle with my children’s birth father with regard to parenting techniques.  I work very hard to foster their spirit and independence and self-confidence.  My ex doesn’t understand because that isn’t the way he was raised.  He works hard to ensure the children are dependent on him, in part, I think, because Read More