#1000Speak - Compassion and Love

#1000Speak – Compassion and Love

I’ve been struggling to find some inspiration for this month’s #1000Speak topic – Love. I think a part of my problem is that I just can’t separate “compassion” from “love”. The two are inexorably intertwined. When I think about compassion, two people come to mind: The Dalai Lama has spent a good part of his Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

The Passive Aggressive Valentine

With the holiday approaching, I ventured out yesterday to pick up Valentine’s cards for Hubs and the kids.  Despite not really appreciating the commercial element of the holiday, I still do that.  I always like the little extra attention as a kid.  The reminder that my parents loved me.   OK…and the chocolate.   I’ve Read More

Unpacking Emotional Baggage - A Love Story

Unpacking Emotional Baggage – A Love Story

I have a girlfriend that I’ve known for over ten years.  We worked together in the same office for a time. It was a difficult office – our boss was a bit of a tyrant, and as a result, a number of us grew quite close and have had friendships that survived a reorg which Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

Our Story: Marriage "After" Divorce

My divorce was long, difficult, and messy.  We’d discussed finalizing the paperwork, but my ex outright refused to pay his half.  “I’m Catholic.  I don’t believe in divorce.” Yeah.  Catholic.  Right. Anyway – everything was done except for the decree.  I didn’t have the piece of paper that said I was completely and wholly apart Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

10 Things I Learned About Sex After My Divorce

In America, it’s common to get married young without a lot of sexual experience. Oftentimes, people who marry young have had one to two partners prior to their spouse – and even in today’s landscape, it’s possible to marry your first lover. After marriage, sex becomes vanilla.  After children arrive, you get into parenting, and Read More

Happy Valentine's Day from Live by Surprise!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Live by Surprise!

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to You! Valentine’s Day means different things to different people.  Originally, the day was meant to celebrate the Christian feast of St. Valentine—but similar to Christmas, the religious reason for the day has left the season and it’s been completely taken over by the mainstream media and become almost solely Read More