Why I Should Have Waited to Marry

Should I Have Waited to Marry?

Marriage advice will usually tell you that “marriage is hard work”—and with my first marriage, I certainly found that to be true.  Keeping up with my husband’s demands were exhausting. Trying to be the wife he felt I should be was a lot of work, and I’m sure that he found I was similarly demanding. Read More

The Divorce Whisperer: Have You Become 'That' Girl?

The Divorce Whisperer: Have You Become ‘That’ Girl?

Have you become a divorce mentor?  Not an official one, with a shingle.  I mean unintentionally – did you become someone that it seems that everyone who is contemplating/going through a divorce feels the need to speak to?  Sort of like the Divorce Yoda…”The divorce is strong with this one“.   Or the Divorce Whisperer. Read More

Being Aware of Your Fears...

Chinese Fortunes and Being Aware of Your Fears…

We had Chinese food the other night.  I don’t generally take stock in Chinese mystisism as touted by a badly made cookie, but as I shared with the children, I pulled a fortune that had a deeper meaning. Being Aware of Your Fears Will Improve Your Life I had a dream the night before.  In Read More

Tell Me More - #NaBloPoMo

Tell Me More

Tell me something I don’t know about you.  A question I ask Hubs all the time. Usually at intimate moments. A quiet dinner just the two of us. After supper, on the couch, when the kids are in bed. When we’re in bed…my head on his shoulder, my fingers playing with the hair on his Read More

The Only Way to Win is Not to Play

The Only Way to Win is Not to Play

I don’t like confrontation. I never have. I would prefer to roll into a ball with my hands over my ears than be yelled at. I withdraw. Although I’ve taken courses in management, I’d rather continue to be a “cog”, because I detest confrontation. I know it’s a weakness. Overall, I have a very good Read More

Am I Good Enough?  What Would My Mother-In-Law Have Thought?

Am I Good Enough? What Would My Mother-In-Law Have Thought?

I’ve written a few times about what an amazing woman my MIL was and how much I would have liked to meet her. I must admit though – I sometimes wonder if she would really have liked me. A friend of mine posted the other day that it’s the drunk family gatherings that remind her Read More

On The Road: Making Dreams Happen

My Journey to Motherhood

I had two miscarriages with my ex prior to my pregnancy with my eldest.  I spent a lot of the pregnancy trying to do things I hadn’t done in the previous two.  I somehow got it into my head that I’d done something “wrong” that caused the miscarriages.  Logically, I was aware that one out Read More