What To Do When Your Friend is an Insomniac 1

What To Do When Your Friend is an Insomniac

I don’t know if y’all know my friend Michelle Poston Combs, but if you don’t, you should. That lady is knock you on your ass hilarious. And her husband Randy is like the Bonnie to her Clyde, the cream to her coffee, the salt to her vinegar. Michelle’s site is Rubber Shoes in Hell. And Read More

Not all wounds are visible: Insights into marriage with a narcissist 1

I’ve Been Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Well look at that!  I’ve been nominated for an award!!  And by not just anyone, but by one of my favourite bloggers, Lisa Thomson from Lisa Thomson Live.  She’s literally written the book on leaving your marriage – “A Girls Guide to Leaving a Marriage“! From what I understand, this award is for smaller blogs (like Read More