The Divorce Whisperer: Have You Become 'That' Girl?

The Divorce Whisperer: Have You Become ‘That’ Girl?

Have you become a divorce mentor?  Not an official one, with a shingle.  I mean unintentionally – did you become someone that it seems that everyone who is contemplating/going through a divorce feels the need to speak to?  Sort of like the Divorce Yoda…”The divorce is strong with this one“.   Or the Divorce Whisperer. Read More

What is a

What is a “Perfect Marriage”?

On several occasions since my divorce, I’ve met new people (like the kids’ friends’ parents) who have also had the opportunity to meet my ex. If given the opportunity to get to know them a little better, I’m always asked the same question – how did you ever marry that guy? It is, of course, Read More

Some Things Cannot Be Forgiven #1000Speak

Some Things Cannot Be Forgiven #1000Speak

The theme for this month’s #1000Speak post is one that I feel completely unqualified to write about.  Forgiveness. It’s not something I write about often (or that I’ve ever written about here at length), but the reason I feel unqualified is because I believe that there are, sometimes, things that you just can’t forgive or Read More

Am I Good Enough?  What Would My Mother-In-Law Have Thought?

Am I Good Enough? What Would My Mother-In-Law Have Thought?

I’ve written a few times about what an amazing woman my MIL was and how much I would have liked to meet her. I must admit though – I sometimes wonder if she would really have liked me. A friend of mine posted the other day that it’s the drunk family gatherings that remind her Read More

The Grandmother Diaries:  Neighbors and Friends

The Grandmother Diaries:  Neighbors and Friends

Found an interesting tidbit in Gran’s diaries on June 19, 1987.  I’ll let her use her own words: Hot – got cloudy.  Lots of humidity. Cool in house – cleaned up vacuumed rugs.  Washed floors. Man from across street came over and told me his whole history.  He talks with German accent. Hard to understand. Read More

I Wouldn't Change a Thing 1

Codependency and Enabling Behavior Doesn’t End with Divorce

When I was married to my ex, for my own survival, it was sometimes necessary to “bend” the truth. I’m not proud of it – I don’t condone lying in my home and I try to promote honesty in my children. However – sometimes – to avoid an inevitable reaction from my ex and protect Read More

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Seven Ways I Knew He Was "The One"

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have learned the hard way that there are some relationships that are just…wrong.  Thankfully though, I’ve also discovered that there are also relationships that are just…right. Looking back, I know there were signs in my first relationship.  Signs that I clearly ignored. Read More

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My Destination is No Longer Set by the Way the Wind Blows

I was struck today by a thought.  We’re still renovating (painting) the new condo.  Hubs and I have been working fairly effectively together. I’m doing the middle of the walls and he’s doing the detail work. We turned on some music, poured out the paint, and just got it done.   The way we work Read More

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Relationship PTSD: Revisiting the Sins of Your Ex on Your Current Relationship

One year, just before Christmas, I entered a raffle at work – and I won an X-Box, complete with a couple of games.  It was great – I was surprised – but we really didn’t need an X-Box.  We had a PlayStation at home and neither the ex nor I were gamers.  The PlayStation was Read More