#NaBloPoMo My Last

My Last “Great” Conversation

As you know, #OnWednesdaysWeHaiku. So we’ll take a break from the museum series for a little poetry. Today’s prompt is “your last great conversation”. And while I can think of many in depth conversations, what first came to mind was the conversation I have with each of my children at the end of the day. Read More

What Happens When A Writer's Son Can't Read?

What Happens When A Writer’s Son Can’t Read?

As they pulled my son from the fresh slice in my abdomen, he had a bluish tinge.  He was not crying.  Up to that point, I hadn’t spoken his name aloud: it was a secret that only he and I knew. “Why isn’t Puck crying?” I croaked, touching the nurse’s hand to get her attention Read More

Co-Parenting: A New School Year

Co-Parenting: A New School Year

My son is entering Grade 5 now – and with daycare under our belt, I have about 9 years of co-parenting and dealing with the children’s carers. I wrote a bit about it last year.  You’d think by now that I’d have it figured out – but nope. Each year is completely new – and each Read More

Sunday Confession:  I Farted at a College Level Debate

Sunday Confession: I Farted at a College Level Debate

I couldn’t resist this week’s Sunday Confession writing prompt: Fart. Who doesn’t like a good fart story? When I was in college, I was the ultimate nerd. I was pretty introverted, and I spent most of my time studying and studiously avoiding any interaction with my co-horts (I know, hard to believe right)? There was Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

Coparenting: When Back to School Means Back to Conflict

The problem with negotiating a “one-size fits all” parenting agreement is that it’s impossible to anticipate what types of changes the children are going to experience as they get older.  The after summer transition to a new grade can be particularly trying as both parents try to adapt to new teachers, more homework, different lunches, Read More

Ignorance is not Bliss: How Do You Teach Someone Who Cannot Learn? 1

Ignorance is not Bliss: How Do You Teach Someone Who Cannot Learn?

My eldest son, Puck, has a learning disability. He can learn. And given the right environment, with some accommodation, he actually learns very well. The person who doesn’t learn is his father. He hasn’t learned that negative feedback to a child with learning disabilities just lowers their confidence. He hasn’t learned that he is fairly Read More

The Purple Crayon - Encouraging Creativity in your Children

Using the Purple Crayon: Encouraging Creativity in your Children

I’ve always been a fairly creative person. It’s part of the reason I enjoy writing so much. But, as an adult, I do realize that there are some creative enterprises that you just can’t undertake. For instance, although I’ve added a few trinkets to my desk at work, I’m well aware that if I put Read More