Not all wounds are visible: Insights into marriage with a narcissist 1

Moving Past Narcissistic Abuse and PTSD

“When you leave, he’ll invent stories about you.”  The narcissist in my life started inventing those stories long before I left.  He couldn’t take the blame for anything, so logically, everything was my fault. As much as I like to think that I’m out from underneath the abuse, I still feel it. One Christmas I Read More

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Look Who's Talking Now! 1

The Nightmares Persist

I struggle the most with the dreams. Nightmares. It’s always the same. I’m still married to him. We’re in the house. I can’t leave. I can’t get out. I’m suffocating, struggling for breath, clawing to get out, break the chains, see the sun, escape the darkness. But I can’t.  I’m stuck.  In the house.  In Read More

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