Why I Should Have Waited to Marry

Should I Have Waited to Marry?

Marriage advice will usually tell you that “marriage is hard work”—and with my first marriage, I certainly found that to be true.  Keeping up with my husband’s demands were exhausting. Trying to be the wife he felt I should be was a lot of work, and I’m sure that he found I was similarly demanding. Read More

Unpacking Emotional Baggage - A Love Story

Unpacking Emotional Baggage – A Love Story

I have a girlfriend that I’ve known for over ten years.  We worked together in the same office for a time. It was a difficult office – our boss was a bit of a tyrant, and as a result, a number of us grew quite close and have had friendships that survived a reorg which Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

Celebrations, Anniversaries, and Being Together – Not Alone

There came a day about six years into my marriage, just after my ex celebrated his 40th birthday, when I realized his parents would have recently had their 40th wedding anniversary.  You might think this an odd thought.  Wouldn’t I know?  Wouldn’t there have been a celebration of this fateful event?  Why would I just Read More