#NaBloPoMo: Time for a Review

Time for a Review: NaBloPoMo 2016

When I did #NaBloPoMo last year, it was my first time, and I did it in part to see if I could (and would) write every single day. It was a great challenge, and similar to this year, I jumped in with both feet. I prepped WordPress with blanks, figured out where to go for Read More

Support A Writer!

Support A Writer!

I’m jumping up and down – because I DID IT!  I have posted every day for the last 30 days and I am officially finishing my first National Blog Posting Month (#NaBloPoMo) with this post! It’s been a long haul as I talked about in Saturday’s post – but it was worth it.  Another check Read More

Sunday Confession - Does Not Work Well With Others - #NaBloPoMo

Sunday Confession – Does Not Work Well With Others

I’ve never worked well with others.  My mother would tell me every time she had a school conference that it was a skill I needed to work on. I did.  But I don’t think I ever mastered it. I’ve always been more of a leader than a follower.  I’m just an independent soul. I have Read More

Money Well Spent - #NaBloPoMo

Money Well Spent

Today’s Blogher prompt, in honor of Black Friday, is: What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made? The answer is my attorney’s bill. I was very lucky to score a private divorce lawyer who was actually concerned about me and my children. It cost more than anything I’ve ever paid for before (not including my house…but Read More

Vegas Baby! - #NaBloPoMo

Vegas Baby!

I smooth my hands down my bedazzled corset, checking my lipstick and snapping my stockings in place. “They’ve started – let’s go!!” Stageside, the crew pin feathers atop my head.  Two boys in assless chaps lift me out to the stage. “Ride’em Cowboys!”   This is my twenty-sixth blog post for #NaBloPoMom, #NaBloPablano and the Read More

Vacation Planning with the Goblin King

How Doctor Who Would Respond to the Goblin King 

We all know that I try my hardest not to talk badly of my ex in front of the children.  I use this space to get out my feelings, and say things that I would certainly never say to him (especially in front of the children). That being said, the Goblin King has been annoying Read More

Blast from the Past - #NaBloPoMo

Cathode Ray Tubes and Rampant Sexism

The BlogHer prompt for today is: What do you do better than anyone else? When I was in college (mid nineties), computers were just starting to be a basic necessity for students. You could get by without one if you were willing to spend some time in the computer lab, but if you had a Read More

The Summer Storm - #NaBloPoMo

The Summer Storm

As the low rumbles increased to a roar, I awoke. My bed faced me towards the large bay window. I normally had no need of curtains – the light pollution of the city didn’t follow me to this (usually) quiet part of the country. The darkness outside my window enveloped the house.  The cacophony that Read More

November 20 - #NaBloPoMo #1000Speak

When Compassion Isn’t Your First Instinct – #1000Speak

A few days ago, on the main street about five minutes (in normal traffic) from my house, I got stuck in traffic.  Abnormal traffic.  Instead of less than five minutes to my house, my car edged through three traffic lights.  By the time I figured out what the problem was, I’d been waiting ten minutes. Read More

Thou Shall Not Read the Comments - #NaBloPoMo

The 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Read the Comments

The 11th Commandment of Blogging is “Thou shall not read the comments.”  For the most part, the people who visit your own blog, and keep coming back for more, well, they’re your peeps.  I’m clearly not talking about them.  But when you post on a big sites like ScaryMommy, HuffPost or YourTango, you can bet Read More