November 20 - #NaBloPoMo #1000Speak

When Compassion Isn’t Your First Instinct – #1000Speak

A few days ago, on the main street about five minutes (in normal traffic) from my house, I got stuck in traffic.  Abnormal traffic.  Instead of less than five minutes to my house, my car edged through three traffic lights.  By the time I figured out what the problem was, I’d been waiting ten minutes. Read More

The Ugly Sweater

The Pastel Sweater

I have always been a little bit of a loner.  I can’t point to one specific reason.  I could blame my parents, but I think they made best efforts to “socialize” me while I was young.  I had dance classes and what not.  There were other kids in my neighborhood that I played with.  But Read More