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It’s Time to Celebrate Uniqueness…Regardless of Size, Shape or Color

I am a 5’8″ 155 lb 38-year-old woman. I’ve had three children. I have scars, both from the C-Sections that brought my children into the world and from numerous surgeries from my car accident. I have stretch marks. I have lived. My body has enjoyed carrying three children. I proudly wear the stretch marks that Read More

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#1000Speak for Charleston, Ferguson and Paris…

The theme for this month’s #1000Speak for Compassion post is simply that “compassion”.  I feel like it should be a simple thing.  Compassion. It should be something that we all inherently have as a part of us when we’re born. Something that we feel towards others.  That we don’t have to nurture.  That just exists. Read More

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