Happy Valentine's Day from Live by Surprise!

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people.  Originally, the day was meant to celebrate the Christian feast of St. Valentine—but similar to Christmas, the religious reason for the day has left the season and it’s been completely taken over by the mainstream media and become almost solely a reason to market flowers, stuffed pink animals and of course, chocolate.

The marketing begins earlier and earlier every year—Christmas was barely over before the oversized red hearts, SpongeBob and Hello Kitty valentines cards, pink stuffed monkeys and fattening chocolate hearts started to overtake the shelves.  At the very least, thank goodness, it doesn’t also come with the piped in holiday music that after a few days begins to burn your brain (not that I don’t love Christmas music…oh…wait…I don’t love Christmas music. Especially when it’s piped into the store.)

Yes. I am very aware that I am manipulated by the mainstream media into buying gifts for a holiday that bears no resemblance to what it originally conceived to be.

Because if I don’t buy Valentines, I clearly don’t love people in my life.

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Well, we all know that isn’t true.  And truthfully, one of the main reasons I celebrate the holiday is because of it’s connection to chocolate.  Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day – all my favorite holidays, mostly because they’re connected to copious amounts of candy.  And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s not that crappy junk candy—it’s really good.

So although I have no belief in the celebrating the holiday as it was originally intended to be spent, I wish all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you all have wonderful people who love you.

And that they buy you the good chocolate.

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