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Today, I’m going to cover a disparate range of mommy bloggers who have caught my interest.  Lately, it seems like every day I’m stumbling across a new fantastic mommy blogger.  I’m drawn more to the “imperfect” range of mommy bloggers rather than the mommies who make cute crafts out of loo rolls and have perfect themed birthday parties and children who’s diapers don’t stink.  This week, these woman top my list of mommies who are able to blog about their who work with their “imperfect” lives and children in humorous, insightful and often inspiring ways.

1)  All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something


Twitter:  @momgosomething


The name of this blog is a take-off I suspect from a quote in the Simpsons episode Halloween remake of “The Shining”.  Kimberly is a Canadian mommy blogger who describes her blog as a “mixed bag of nuts (pun intended)”.  Like me, Kimberly seems to write as therapy for herself – sharing her life story with the hopes that she can help others.  In addition to the mixed bag of “life” she puts on the page, Kimberly has written of her struggles with Post-Partum Depression following the birth of her son, “Chunky Monkey” and subsequent diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder.

I enjoy Kimberly’s sharp wit, keen observations of life and parenthood, and the all around fun she seems to have with life.  Despite being raised in what she describes as a “dysfunctional” home, she appears to have a very strong family bond both with her husband Shawn and son, Chunky Monkey, as well as with her siblings and extended family.  She’s taken her Bipolar diagnosis and instead of ruminating on it, seems to have found new strength and new abilities – focusing on the positive aspects of what could be a debilitating illness.  She is a very strong advocate against the stigma of mental illness, and I admire her strength and her frank portrayal of her struggles with the disease.  I am inspired by the fact that she regularly takes the time to write “Ten Things of Thankful” – a seemingly never-ending list of the things she has to be thankful for.  Her positive outlook on life and her keen sense of humour keep her readers engaged and rooting for her.

2)  4 the Love of Mommy


Twitter:  @4theloveofmommy


Jessica Terry is a stay at home mom of four children. The youngest, a boy, is around the same age as my youngest (not quite a year).  Like Kimberly, Jessica is also Canadian (don’t hold it against her). She seems to be finding her feet as a blogger – having started in October of 2013, following the birth of her son.  As her blogs progress, I’m finding that Jessica is opening up about herself more and more.  Recently she’s strayed from the typical “mommy” blog stuff and delved into her divorce and subsequent co-parenting issues with her ex-husband, as well as her “blending” of her children from her previous marriage with her new husband and son. Like me, Jessica seems to have taken a lesson from her first marriage, and her second husband, son and children are benefiting from her learning.

Jessica is still developing a following – but she’s one to watch.  If she’s able to continue to balance her family life with her writing, I suspect that her blog and her readership will grow exponentially.

3)  Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!


Twitter:  @shutupaboutcom


In 2006, the “Shut Up” sisters self-published their first book, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! The Movement of Imperfection (available on Amazon).  The book explores the humorous, heartwarming side of raising an imperfect child in a world obsessed with perfection.

Given my own struggles with my son’s diagnosed learning disabilities, I can relate to these women, their struggles with schools and IEPs and their need to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments.  And I certainly understand how proud they are of their children with all of their imperfections.

Their Facebook page is full to the brim with other “imperfect” parents celebrating the accomplishments of their “imperfect” children.  I must also admit, I’m also a bit envious of their close relationship as sisters – my own sister and I probably couldn’t cook a dinner together, let alone write a book and keep up a blog.  And given the fact that the book was written in 2006 and they continue to have a strong readership and following – they’re definitely doing something right.

And, continuing my series – that wraps it up for week two of my women writer/blogger reviews.  (OK, it’s been over a week since I published my last one…I’ll get better, I promise).

Do any of you follow inspirational women blogs?  Post a link in the comments, maybe it will make a future review!

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