Bae’s not talking.

Not in the sense that he’s got a secret.

He’s just not talking.  Hasn’t said his first word yet.

He just passed the big “1”.  And (so the books say), he should be saying at least three words by now.  They don’t have to be clear.  But they should be there.

And they’re not.

He’s making all the right sounds.  He was a little late with the “ma-ma-ma’s” and the”da-da-da’s” – but he got them.

And while he can babble with the rest of them, they’re just not words.  He’s not communicating.  Not verbally.

His little friend Cassie was born just over a month before he was.  She said Mama last September.  She’s a little parrot now.  But not him.

I know he can hear.  He’d scream when he wanted more food (he’s a little food motivated), so I taught him the sign language for more.  If I say more, he does the sign for more.  If I say “up”, he puts his hands up.  If I say “clap your hands”, he claps his hands.  We’re working on the signs for milk, dog, mommy, daddy, eat.  But he got “more” right away.  Took one day only.  As soon as he figured out if he did that he got more food, he started doing it.  But I say the word and he gives me the sign.  He doesn’t try to say the word.

So he hears.  And he understands words.  He knows mommy and daddy and Puck and Flower.  He knows the dogs.  He knows “no”.

But he’s not talking.

And I’m not supposed to worry about it.  Yet.  Says the doctor.  Give him time.  Some children are slower than others.  He’s past a year, and he’s not walking yet.  His brother and sister both walked just past nine months.  He’s almost there.  But not quite.  And he was slower with crawling.  Maybe he’s just slower.


And I’m not supposed to worry about it.

But I do anyway.  If he’s not going to do what he’s supposed to do, neither am I.  

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  1. I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I get this. So very much.

    1. Author

      Virtual hug accepted. Thank you.

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