6 Steps to Make More Time for Blogging

I’ll admit it…mothering three kids and holding down a full time job and keeping up a blog is a bit more of a struggle then I’d anticipated.  My blog is suffering.  I’ve still got great ideas – but I have a new director who is offering me new opportunities (yes…that’s what I’m going to call them…she’s not an passive aggressive bitch who appears to need to show me the size of her cahones…this is an opportunity for me to grow).

Whoops…sorry…I digressed there a bit…

So I’m determined to make more time in my day so I can fit in job, kids and blogging.

Step 1:

Get up an hour early every day.

It’s been a month.  I’ve tried it at least three times.

Little ears hear me get up.  And then they get up too.  And then instead of getting more work done, I’m suddenly thrust into the dressing/toothbrushing /getting breakfast/making lunches and still somehow not having enough time to dress properly and eat myself.

Damn it – this list is harder than I want it to be.

Step 2:

Use lunch hour constructively. Write a blog while sitting on a bench in the park.

Well…that would work if the new director let me have lunch…

Step 3:

Set aside time after getting the children to bed – then you can fit some blogging in.

Except that’s when you have time to talk to your husband.  Alone.  Without work or kids as a distraction.  Oh yeah…and Facebook.

Step 4:

Blog during your break.

Yeah.  Right.  I’m sorry – did you miss step 2?  When can a mom get a break around here?

Step 5:

Blog on the weekends.

Right.  when you have quality time with the kids – get on the computer and blog.

Step 6:

Deep breaths.

I can only do what I can do.  Sorry guys – I am doing my best – and I actually have fit in some blogging between the six steps.  But Step 7 – I need to pull back a little.  My goal of posting every two days is not working out.  For October – I’m aiming for every three.

I’m managing it – much less than I’d like to, but I am managing it.

I’ll have to look to you.  How many of you are working mother bloggers?  How do you fit it in?

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