As a writer, I’m very familiar with the ins and the outs of the language.  If you’re a writer too, you might be reading the title of my blog thinking, no it’s not – compassion is a noun.  It’s a feeling.  It’s not something you do.

I’m here to tell you otherwise.

A verb is an active word.  It’s something that you do.  It’s something that you’re a part of.  

Let me tell you about a little movement that I’m a part of – a movement that I’d like you to join.  

Last week – a very remarkable event happened.  One of my favorite writers, Lizzi Rogers of Considerings, wrote a beautiful piece.   It spoke of the need for “the village”.  The very same village that it used to be said was needed to raise a child.  The village that has disappeared in this electronic age of iPads and smart phones, single family houses and online shopping.  The village that was no where to be found during recent tragedies – children who have died in horrific ways.  Children who could have been saved – but the village that should have protected them was collectively too interested in themselves.  

And then, Lizzi did something wonderful.  She sent her readers on a mission.  

Be the village.

Three simple words.  Inspiring. Powerful.

The comments on the blog agreed.  They expressed apologies for being absent from the village – and promises to re-engage.  The piece was shared and the village responded – with a new movement.  A new village.  A village of writers.  A village of mothers.  A village of fathers.  A village of daughters and sons and sisters and brothers and grandmothers.  Hundreds of voices.  A thousand.  One thousand voices all speaking the same word.  The very word that by now I hope you agree – is a verb.


I’m proud to say that I’m part of this amazing movement.  

Up to, including, and after February 20th, 2015 – I’ll be joining the village.  I’ll be speaking in unison.  I’ll be trying to change the world for the better of my children.  For the better of your children.  For the better of my neighbors and yours.  One thousand voices – speaking for compassion.  

As the #1000Speak, I hope that you’ll be listening.  

Adding your own voice.

Re-joining the village if you’ve been absent.

How: Write a blog post about compassion.
What it means to you.  Use the word as a verb instead of a noun. Inspire people, just as Lizzi did.  How have you made compassion part of your life?  How are you going to keep the movement going?  

When: February 20, 2015

Don’t have a blog?  You
can still participate.  If you’d like to write something – ask the village.  Someone (me included) can host your post.

Join the Facebook group with this link.
If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #1000Speak to inspire the village with your own acts of compassion.  

If you want to participate and you just aren’t sure what to do, e-mail – and someone will help.

Let’s all take the time to use our words, our compassion, one positive message from one thousand voices – and let’s change the world.  Join us.

Be the village.

Read more about the movement:

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