Tips on Email Communication from the Goblin King

It’s been a rough week – and I don’t have a ton of time to write a blog post for this week (sorry guys!!)

Wanted  you all to know that I’ve just received a tip from the Goblin King as to how I should write my e-mails to him (note – this is an exact quote cut and paste from his e-mail):

“Next time you provide such a email pretend you are describing this too the stupidest person in the world…”

I want it noted that his e-mail was in response to a description of the homework assignment for our six-year-old daughter.  I used the smallest words I could possibly use – because I was very well aware that the homework of a six-year-old may be a bit beyond his capabilities.

And now I’m trying very, very hard not to suggest to him that my default format for writing e-mails is just as he describes – except I’m not pretending.

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