With the holiday approaching, I ventured out yesterday to pick up Valentine’s cards for Hubs and the kids.  Despite not really appreciating the commercial element of the holiday, I still do that.  I always like the little extra attention as a kid.  The reminder that my parents loved me.  

OK…and the chocolate.  

I’ve always tried to get the kids an interesting gift.  Not a toy.  On year I got Puck a bird house for the back yard.  For Flower, an ornamental box for her jewellery.  Last year I got them a bird feeder and some seed.  I’m going to try to find some wooden yo-yo’s for them this year.  (Yes, I do realize that this is a “toy” – but it will teach them dexterity – and a lot of kids don’t have yo-yos).

With Hubs, this is just one more occasion to appreciate him.  And I do.  I take a lot of time to pick out just the right Valentine’s card.  The one that’s not too corny – but that tells him just how much I appreciate him.  And how special he makes me feel.  And how lucky the kids and I are to have him.

There are some pretty amazing Valentines written by very eloquent people who seem to have a similar appreciation for the feelings that the day is supposed to evoke.  

But there is also another category of Valentines.  Written by those who appreciated the type of relationship I had with my ex.  

I like to call them Passive Aggressive Valentines.  And over the ten years I was married, I purchased more than a few.  I couldn’t find exact pics…but these will give you an idea…(it’s all about the subtext).

(HE’s sweet.  And not nuts.)
Not me.  Clearly.
OK…that wasn’t so much passive as aggressive…
What a great dream!
No really…I’m asking…

OK.  In hindsight, I knew as I purchased each and every one of the snarky Valentine’s Day or other holiday card that I got for my ex, that he wasn’t truly my Valentine.  I was subtly telling him that I wasn’t happy.  I didn’t want to be there.  He didn’t make me feel loved.  Or appreciated.  

I’m really glad I’m not in that place any more.  Now, Valentine’s Day means something to me.  Another day to appreciate – and to be appreciated by the one I love the most.

What about you?  Have you ever purchased a snarky card?

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