You may have figured out by now that despite my issues with divorce, I’m pro-love.  I don’t care if you’re black, red, white, green, yellow or purple – whether you have innie bits or outie bits – I believe that everyone has the right to experience love they way they feel fit – and if that includes marriage between two consenting adult persons, then by all means.

Which is why, earlier this week on my Facebook page I posted a viral photo with this picture.

As most of my fans are enlightened people, I received many messages of support.

But as my page is a public page, and any comments to it can be flashed to friends of people who support me, I got a comment from a man I’ll call George.  This isn’t his real name, but he was such a prince, it fits.

George said “I definitely don’t agree.”

It took me a minute to understand what he meant.  I checked back to his Facebook page and discovered he was married.  So I’m assuming that he meant that he did not choose to be who he is.

So for you George – I’m so very sorry to hear it.  You can’t change who you are.  I would point out though – that the woman in the picture is still correct – you were able to be married.

I’m also incredibly chuffed George, to point out that Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t understand your hate either.  I suspect that because you posted a comment to my message about gay rights, Facebook is going to think that you’re interested in gay rights.  And now…because Facebook Karma is a bit of a bitch…you’ll be seeing a lot more posts about it.  I’m content with that.

Have a good day my lovelies!

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