The past few weeks you may have noticed that my posts have gotten a little deeper.  I’ve been trying to reconnect and re-engage myself in several ways – especially related to my divorce.  It’s very difficult sometimes as my co-parenting relationship continues to be maddening.  Although I don’t appreciate the stereotype – it is true that my Irish temper is easily inflamed – especially after years of putting up with the same issues over and over.

I have reason though to reconnect – to practice self-forgiveness and try again.  I have two amazing kids who are, despite everything, thriving.  They’re both doing well in school.  They have great attitudes.  We smile and laugh together – a lot.

Part and parcel of my self-compassion rituals is my connection with the Ten Things of Thankful group.  Yet another movement from the fantabulous Considerer – Lizzi Rogers, taking the time to center myself and remember what the important things are has helped me immensely.

The Internet community has also been inspiring.  The #1000Speak movement – and all the bloggers involved with it are trying to impart the same message – similar to one in one of my favorite children’s books – Horton Hears a Who.  #WeAreHere.  All together.  We’re going to keep talking about it.  We’re going to keep the conversation going.  We’re going to reach every man, woman and child on this planet with our message – Compassion.  To yourself.  To others.

It’s my hope that attitudes will change as a result.  I know mine has.  It’s helped me to become more mindful and more deliberate.  I need to remind myself sometimes – but the attitude is becoming ingrained.  I will work through it.  

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