The theme for this week’s Sunday confession is “lost”.  It’s perfect for me this week – as I’m lost.  This week I “lost” my temper.  And as a result  I “lost” my way again.  I’m ever disappointed that I need to continually come back around to parenting the way I want to parent – and co-parenting with dignity and integrity and respect.  Because I lose my plot way to often.  And more often then not it causes more harm than it does good.  I don’t see my way back from this one – and the only way I can see solving it without thousands of dollars in legal costs is going back to the parenting coordinator.  And my ex will view this as a win.  Which means that I’ve lost.

So I really need to think about the things I’m thankful for this week.  And as it’s the 100th Ten Things of Thankful, instead of just ten things, I’m going to sit here and keep writing until I can think of 100 things that I am thankful for.
  1. Sunshine.  Somehow it always makes things better.
  2. Long bike rides.  I did seven miles yesterday.  And it feels good.
  3. Spending time with my family.  It’s just Hubs and Bae and the dog this weekend – but I’ve snuggled and bonded and overall had a wondeful time.  And the best part is it’s not over yet.
  4. Vacations.  I took a few days off this week to take care of a few errands.  I went on a school trip with Puck – and he loved it.  I was supposed to do IEP and take Puck to the dentist the next day – but poor Flower got a stomach bug.  So I’m thankful I’d already taken time that I could be home with her.
  5. Extra time.  As Flower was still sick and Puck had a bit of a fever on Friday, I kept them home from school.  Their father normally gains custody at 8:15 but as he’d worked the night before, he let me keep them until 10:30.  We didn’t do anything special – but I’m grateful for the extra time.  
  6. Wagons.  Bae has just discovered this wonderous invention – and has been walking his wagon down the street towards the:
  7. Park.  I love the park.  I love that our city planners have gone out of their way to make sure that there are recreational areas and paths and lovely things everywhere.  One just a block from our house.  
  8. Laps and blankets.  Bae is sitting on my lap with his soft teddy bear this moment, snuggling with a blanket.  It’s so lovely my heart could burst.
  9. Green.  My garden is now a burst of green.  And shortly it will be filled with the colors of all the bulb that I’ve planted.
  10. Kisses.  Bae has just mastered them.  And isn’t shy about sharing.  
The rest of the list (90 more) will be shorter…but I’m sure you’ll see why I’ve chosen them.  If you can’t, ask me to explain in the comments.
  1. Smiles.
  2. Laughs and giggles.
  3. Tickling.
  4. Fingers.
  5. Toes.
  6. Teddy bears.
  7. Family.
  8. Good friends.
  9. Cardinals and canaries singing in my back garden.
  10. Outside.
  11. Long walks.
  12. The beach.
  13. Monkeys.
  14. Tongues.
  15. Deoderant.
  16. Toothpaste.
  17. Hot showers.
  18. A hot cuppa tea.
  19. Blooms and buds.
  20. Sprinklers.
  21. Splash pads.
  22. Windows.
  23. Bananas.
  24. Brownies and other chocolate things.
  25. Colored marbles.
  26. Gut sucking mommy bathing suits.
  27. Patios.
  28. Ice cream.
  29. Farmer’s markets.
  30. Fresh rhubarb.
  31. Fresh strawberries.
  32. Lightening moods. (Because this list is making me smile).
  33. British humor. (Sorry – it’s more sophisticated than most of the home grown stuff and makes me laugh every time).
  34. Knock knock jokes.
  35. Logic.
  36. Clean bathrooms.
  37. Ear plugs.
  38. Legs that can walk.
  39. Reclining deck chairs.
  40. Sunscreen.
  41. Crayons.
  42. Paint.
  43. Grandparents.
  44. Wildflowers.
  45. Bare feet.
  46. Grass.
  47. Fingerprints on windows.
  48. Squeaky doors.
  49. Books.
  50. Technology.
  51. Photographs.
  52. Hearty indoor plants.
  53. Good wine.
  54. Heartbeats.
  55. Doctor Who.
  56. Imagination.
  57. Fresh made bread.
  58. Just enough wind.
  59. Ladybugs.
  60. Bird feeders.
  61. Toasted raisin bread with a bit of butter melted on top.
  62. Hugs.  (How did i forget to mention them until now?)
  63. Braless weekends.
  64. Shorts.
  65. Slobbery dog kisses and wet noses.
  66. Tennis balls.
  67. Watering cans.
  68. Lazy Sunday mornings.
  69. Sleeping naked.
  70. Waking up naked.
  71. Good music.
  72. Potato chips for breakfast.
  73. Elmo.
  74. The alphabet song.
  75. The perfumy smell of blossoms.
  76. The New Muppet Show.
  77. Fresh baked cookies.
  78. iPad and iPhones – and Facetime with Grandma.
  79. Arms – that can turn you into an airplane with a little imagination.
  80. Dancing.
  81. Summer rain.
  82. Puddles.
  83. Rainboots.
  84. Dog cookies.
  85. Goats.
  86. Cheese.
  87. Fresh orange juice.
  88. Wedding rings.
  89. Mad typing skills.
  90. Lizzi Rogers – and #10Thankful.
Wow.  That’s quite the list.  I have so much to be thankful for – now I don’t feel quite as lost.  Thank you my friends.

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