Well – it’s been quite a week.  On Saturday, I was in yet another car accident.  I’m OK.  Bae (who was also in the car) is OK.  It wasn’t my fault – the other driver was charged with careless driving at the scene, but our car was badly damaged – and his car was totaled.  I’ve just found out that we’ll be four weeks without our car – but the insurance has kicked in, and we have a rental.

On Monday, for various reasons, I had to have an ultrasound.  I knew at the time that something was wrong (although the technician isn’t allowed to provide the results) but had to wait until today for the results.  I was able to wheedle partial results from the secretary – it isn’t a “mass”, but they found a “small” fibroid cyst.  I have an appointment to figure out where I go from here next week.

I haven’t talked about my vacation planning with the Goblin King this year, but it’s proceeding in a similar way to last year – if not slightly worse.  I usually have some flexibility in my vacation time – but this year because I have a new boss – I suddenly don’t.  So I made my first attempt in February, giving him two weeks to get back to me if he had a problem with the dates I’d chosen.  Of course, he chose not to communicate with me until Tuesday (three months after I had to set my vacation).  This issue hasn’t been resolved yet either, and, although it’s against my nature, I’ve had to threaten to take it back to court again.

So with all this, you might ask what I have to be thankful for.  I have to admit, I have been asking myself.  So I’ve decided to throw my hat into the Ten Things of Thankful ring – in attempt to remind myself.

Here are ten things that I am thankful for in this moment:

  1. I have survived yet another car accident.  I’m a little stiff, and having some PTSD and anxiety issues resufacing – but my shell, while a bit scratched, is still in tact.  I’m beginning to feel invincible.  😉
  2. This morning I drove again for the first time.  And it was OK.
  3. I have had three beautiful children.  Whatever happens next, my body nurtured and sheltered three babies until they were strong enough to enter the outside world.  
  4. I live in a country that is medically advanced enough to identify and correct issues on the inside of my body.
  5. My body continues to allow me to remain active.  There have been some restrictions on my activity – but I try to push those boundaries every day.  
  6. My children have a father who is very interested in being a part of their lives.
  7. I am thankful that the winter is over and there is green in my garden.  Things are starting to grow.  The sun has been on my face.  There will be blooms soon.
  8. Food is plentiful.  I have enough money to get by – and a bit more.  I have shelter.
  9. I have many friends and lots of support.  Including my online friends – the lovely Lizzi Rogers at Considerings, Tamara at Tamara (Like) Camera, Lindsay Klein at Lindsay Klein Rocks, Misty ChickenLittle Browne at Rustic Musings of a Scattered Mind, Jane Thrive at Survive, Live, Thrive, Lisa Thompson at Lisa Thompson Live, Rena McDaniel at The Diary of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Cascia Talbert from the Talbert Zoo, Lisa Arends from Lessons From the End of a Marriage, the Cuckoo Mama and Bella from Bella’s Chronicles at DivorcedMoms.com and so very many more (sorry if I missed naming you – but I did include you in this bunch)..
  10. Truly – I am thankful for all of you.  Those of you who may be new – and those of you who keep coming back for more.  Thank you.

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