The theme for this month’s #1000Speak for Compassion post is simply that “compassion”.  I feel like it should be a simple thing.  Compassion. It should be something that we all inherently have as a part of us when we’re born. Something that we feel towards others.  That we don’t have to nurture.  That just exists.

The sad truth is – the world doesn’t work that way.

Compassion isn’t automatic.  Although we’re all human, we don’t all have empathy towards our fellow humans. The news, the internet, even just going for a walk outside – you can see people everywhere who seem to lack empathy for others.

Whether strangers on the street or family – it’s so prevalent it’s starting to become automatic.

Disdain. Disrespect.  Cruelty.  Harshness. Criticism.

All rampant.  And then something happens in Ferguson, or Charleston, or Paris, or somewhere else – and the world collectively sucks in their breath, turns their heads and tries to forget.

Maybe it’s because amazing and useful tools like the internet can spread bad news quicker than good news.  Maybe it’s because there are too many people on the planet, and we can’t care for everyone – so we don’t care about anyone. Maybe it’s just because.

I am getting disheartened. When I read about terrible things like murders, violence, attacking people for their beliefs – I wonder where this world is going to end and how soon it’s going to happen.

Sometimes I want to just turn off all the noise.  Disconnect from the dissonance.

But how is that going to make the world any better?  It might make my life a little easier (if I were able to do it), but how would it help my fellow man?

How will it solve the problem?

The thing is – it won’t. 

Disconnecting – dissociating – that’s what people are already doing.  And it’s not working.  We need to get together.  We need to find a common element that brings us all together and that evokes within us all a bit of compassion for others.  Not just a bit.  A lot. We need to change our mindset.

That’s what the #1000Speak movement is all about and that’s just what an amazing, smiling, bright haired woman in England named Lizzi Rogers has started.

It’s not about burying your head in the sand and forgetting about the problem.

It’s about getting out there – starting discussions and changing minds.  It’s about getting other people involved.  It’s about moving people to start being compassionate. It’s about changing attitudes. It’s about being positive.

So, as much as I’m inclined to disconnect – I am going to take a stand.  And I’m going to ask each of you to do the same.  I want each of you to go forth and do something compassionate this week.  I don’t care what it is.  I don’t care how small or how large it is.  I want you to go out and do SOMETHING.  Anything.  Whether it’s donating to a new charity, or randomly stopping someone on the street to give them a flower, or helping a
child in the playground, or even something as simple as telling someone that their tag is sticking out.  Spread the word.  Tell others.  Join the movement.

Write about it.  I want you to reach out and connect with someone else – and come back and tell me what you did.  Tell me how it made you feel.  And I want you to tell the person that you connected with to PASS IT ON. 

Maybe if we get out there enough – maybe if we connect enough – maybe if we pass it along – we can gain some traction and start making some headway. 

Want to Join #1000Speak?

How: Write a blog post about compassion. What it means
to you.  Use the word as a verb instead of a noun.  Inspire people,
just as Lizzi did.  How have you made compassion part of your life?
 How are you going to keep the movement going?  

When: the 20th of each month (this week you can link in until June 26th)

Don’t have a blog?  You can still participate.  If you’d like to write something – ask the village.  Someone (me included) can host your post.

the Facebook group with this link.
 If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #1000Speak and follow
@1000Speak to inspire the village with your own acts of compassion.  

If you want to participate and you just aren’t sure what to do, e-mail – and someone will help.

Let’s all take the time to use our words, our compassion, one positive message from one thousand voices – and let’s change the world.  Join us.  Be the village.

Read more about the movement:

And thanks to all of you.  For listening to me.  For understanding.  You make me feel like we can make a difference.

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