Y’all know by now that I am a total Nerd Girl…and one of the biggest fans of Doctor Who there is. And as we’re heading to NYC next week, I thought maybe I’d provide you a list of the top ten things that a Whovian (that’s a big ass Doctor Who fan) should see.

  1. The Empire State Building – the Empire State figured prominently in an early (new series) Doctor Who set in NYC during the depression (Daleks in Manhattan). As far as history goes…this is how I learned that the Empire State was built in the 1930s. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the top of the building was originally lined with Dalkeanium. Thankfully, the Daleks didn’t take over the planet (that time)…but as I didn’t get to see the Empire State last time (Hubs went with his sister and brother-in-law while I rested my foot) it’s top of my list this time!
  2. Bow Bridge, Central Park – I think that there was special meaning in picking this particular bridge for Matt Smith’s Doctor Who to run over…Bow Bridge…bow tie…see? Hubs and I not only visited the Bow Bridge shortly (a little over two months) after Doctor Who’s The Angels Take Manhattan episode…we were actually married on the bridge.
Image Credit: Lazulilasher – en.wikimedia (Creative Commons License)
Lady Liberty at the Winter’s Quay
  1. The Statue of Liberty – Lady Liberty actually makes appearances in both of the Doctor Who NYC episodes. In the Daleks in Manhattan, David Tennant’s Doctor and Martha Jones are standing in front of her plinth. Fun fact: most of the Daleks in Manhattan was actually filmed in Wales, including this part. There was some scenery shot for the episode – but the actors nevery actually filmed there. But in the Angels Take Manhattan, Lady Liberty takes center stage. It turns out she’s actually a Weeping Angel in disguise. Hubs and I took the ferry last time we were there – but just went to Staten Island. This time, we’re planning an actual visit to Lady Liberty herself.
  2. The Winter Quay Hotel – just kidding. As far as I know, the Winter Quay never existed. Of course, that could just be because of the paradox that Rory and Amy created…
  3. Times Square – in the Angels episode, the Doctor and Amy pass through on their way back to the TARDIS. In real life, Hubs and I went when we last visited – and truly it’s our reason for going again. We’re excited to be going to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway, and we’ll pass through Times Square on our way there…and possibly stop in a few of the giant stores on the way.
  4. Fifth Avenue – in the Angels episode, Rory is taking coffee across the street back to Central Park. IRL, I’m going to convince Hubs to hit a few of the shops while we’re there. We’re planning on visiting the restaurant we went to right after we got married – I’m not going to name it now (in case you stalk me there…) – but we had an amazing five star meal – and we’re looking to recreate the moment.
  5. Bethesda Terrace and Fountain – poor Rory gets attacked under the Terrace by sharp teeth cupid angels…and zapped into the past. Hubs and I had our pics taken at the fountain just after we got married. Definitely going to make another stop this time – hopefully we’ll be able to get tickets for Shakespeare in the Park too. Maybe a horse and carriage ride? Or, more likely, we’ll rent some bikes and go for a ride. We’re also hoping to stop by the Boat House for brunch…but as we don’t have reservations, it may not be in the cards.
    Image Credit: Francisco Diez New Jersey, USA – Creative Commons License
  6. Grand Central – After Rory gets zapped into the past – and ends up being taken hostage right outside the station. Hubs and I have a hotel right in this district. I’m looking forward to seeing the station – although we’re actually flying into NYC (on a plane…not the TARDIS).

We’re not actually structuring our visit around Doctor Who (at least that’s what Hubs thinks)…but the episodes featured some of the more amazing things about the City. I’m hoping in addition to a bit of shopping, some fantastic food, and amazing theatre – we’re going to get a real taste of NYC. I was hoping we’d get to visit The Way Station (a steampunk Doctor Who bar)…but I don’t think it’s in the cards. We will make sure that we stop at an authentic NYC deli (anyone got any suggestions?) – and of course…there is the obligatory time we need to spend in the hotel (what else is a dirty weekend for). Have you ever been to NYC? What do you think should be on my must see list? Stop back in a couple of weeks – I’ll have some amazing pics of my own to share.

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  1. Tudor City. At least the sign inspired winters quay

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