The Grandmother Diaries - A Chance Encounter

I’ve been flipping through Gran’s diary – and I came across an interesting entry on Saturday March 21, 1987:

Sunny – warm.  Lazy – did puzzle (escaping).  Must go for a walk.

Went downtown on bus quite an experience.  Young man got on slightly loaded sat behind me.  He opened the window – then leaned forward on my shoulder.  I said are you alright?  He said he was OK.  I said you better get off and walk it off.  He got up went to the front and then went and said thanks for being understanding.  Have a happy life.  Then told me he loved me, got off but kept his hand thru the window and continued to thank me and kept saying I love you I love you.  I told him to stay sober and he kept telling me he loved me.  Funny thing I wasn’t embarrassed at all in fact I rather enjoyed it.  I went uptown and bought some cigarettes and some apricot brandy and some creme de mynt.

Gran would have been around the age my mother is now.  She’d been widowed a good 35 years prior.   She was recently retired.   As far as I know there weren’t any “men” in her life aside from Will (who BTW mom says wasn’t gay, but there was never anything between him an Gran).  I’m sure any attention, whatever the flavor, would have been exciting.

It was an interesting view into her life then.

So far…this has been fun.  More next week.

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