Announcement:  I'm Entering #NaBloPoMo

I can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed the last year and a half or so. This whole project started for three reasons:

  1. I was home with a baby and my brain was starting to melt;
  2. Literally – I suffered a minor brain injury during the accident – after nine months at home, I was struggling with something I’d always been good at – finding words;
  3. I needed an outlet to write about my ongoing parenting issues with my ex.

Not really to my surprise – my enthusiasm for the project only grew from there. The writing did the trick – my neurotransmitter doohickeys got redirected – I haven’t got half as many issues finding words as I did when I started. I got back to work and pulled back, posting a little less than I was because I had more things to do. But I still wanted to post. And I started contributing outside of my blog – starting with building my posts at, and culminating this summer with posts at The Mid, ScaryMommy, MockMom, Sammiches and Psych Meds and YourTango. I proved to myself that this was not for naught. People not only wanted to read what I had written, they were willing to pay for it. This is indeed my calling.

I’ve been inspired by some pretty amazing people. Full credit to Sarah Cottrell at HouseWife Plus. I met her online (Facebook), and she’s literally been the wind beneath my wings. Amazing women like Jenn Mann at People I Want to Punch in the Throat – you might remember her Elf on the Shelf post shot her to blogging fame. She’s writing books (all featured in the LiveBySurprise store)! And Harmony Hobbs from Modern Mommy Madness – an inspiration because she’s just put her youngest child into preschool so she has more time to write. And Lola Lolita – the force behind both Sammiches and Psych Meds and MockMom. I took her blogging course this summer – and I learned soooo much. And I can’t forget Cathy Walker Meyer and the team behind They’ve been a great outlet for my writing – and also for my reading. I’m strengthened by the CuckooMama and all the other writers at the site sharing their experiences with co-parenting and divorce.  There’s also Lizzi Rogers from Considerings. I’ve written about what an inspirational person she is in general. But in the background, she’s also been helping me to improve my writing. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders.  Not to mention the help I’ve received from Misty (Chicken Little) Brown from Rustic Musings.  She’s gone far beyond simple support – she has been one of my champions.  Honorable mention to Charlotte at Ruckus Girl and Elly at Buggin Word.  All these ladies are AH-MAIZE-ING.  You should check them all out!

Given all this inspiration, I’ve decided it’s time for a new challenge. I’ve decided to jump into National Blog Post Month (or #NaBloPoMo). For the entire month of November, there will be a LiveBySurprise post every single day. For the most part (since it’s my first time), I’ll be working with BlogHer’s writing prompts during the week and free writing on the weekend.

Want to know something more about me? Was there a post I’ve written that left you wanting more? Now’s the time to ask me – I will write a post about it. Comment below! Are you a part of November’s #NaBloPoMo? Let me know so I can start following your blog this month and we can support each other!  Want to join in?  Check out the BlogHer Blog Roll!

NaBloPoMo November 2015

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo


  1. Hi Liv! Found you through NoMo…
    Your life is so full of inspiration! Wish you the very best for NaBloPoMo and NoMo.

  2. Hi,

    I found you via the NaBloPoMo hashtag on Twitter, and as I’m participating too, I wanted to drop by and wish you good luck! I’m looking forward to reading.


  3. Oh how just LOVE this SUCCESS story of yours, Liv!! You HAVE found your calling. You have made an incredible mark on the writing world, and girl, this is only the beginning! I’m SO happy for you!! I wish you WELL with your writing in the coming month!!

  4. I love that writing helped you to find words again, and YAY to so many people/sites endorsing you as a writer and boosting your confidence. And GOOD FOR YOU for committing to this. It’s a big deal, and I’m glad you’re doing it. ALWAYS happy to cheerlead you, Schweedie xoxox

  5. You go! I’ve never done it myself.
    I’ve never had a brain injury, but I have had those times in which I struggled for words. This blogging deal has kept me afloat for five years now, and I love the places it leads us.

    1. Author

      Without blogging, I never would have met you and your lovely sister. Another thing to be thankful for.

  6. That’s it! The universe has given me enough subtle hints this week….I just signed up to join you for November’s challenge. My 33rd birthday is the 30th of the month, so completing it will only make my bday that much sweeter! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Author

      I had no idea the universe was speaking through me – but I’m happy to hear that it was! Make sure you pop to the links at the bottom of the post and get yourself on the Blog Roll! Can’t wait to start reading!

      1. I did get myself on there and I got the badge saved so I can link it to each post. This is going to be a huge challenge because I tend to be a slow writer and give it too much thought the first go round and come off rambling until I edit. As you’ll read on my reaching today, poetry is the heart of my natural writing talent and I’m only a blogger by nurture. I’m so excited to push myself in new ways, though!!!! Can’t grow if you don’t give it a go, right!?!

  7. Wow! I had no idea about what led you to writing this blog, Liv. I am inspired. Looking forward to following you through November! Good luck.

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