Look Who's Talking Now! 1

As a follow up to my Look Who’s (Not) Talking Post, I thought I’d let you all know that Bae has started talking.  He still doesn’t seem to be on track with the rest of his peers.  We’ve got an appointment for an evaluation with a speech therapist next week to see exactly where he is – and to figure out if he needs some speech therapy.

However, as he’s not talking that much, we really do appreciate the words he does say.  Being a boy, he loves anything with a motor in it.  And of course the word “truck” rhymes with one of my favorite words.  Everything that isn’t a car (including school buses), may now be “trucks” in Bae’s mind.  Except he can’t quite pronounce the word truck.  Especially when he’s really excited to see one.  Needless to say…it’s led to some interesting outbursts.

Look Who's Talking Now!


  1. Aw, that’s exciting that he’s starting to talk. My nephew used to say ‘fruck’ until he was—well I’m not sure how old but we like to tease him about it still (he’s 30 now ;).

  2. That’s funny when my kids were teenagers they used to say the same thing every time they saw the schoolbus!

  3. I honestly think I can imagine..

    Although Des says it and he doesn’t mean “truck.” Sigh. Three-year-olds.

    Also, Des didn’t walk until nearly 17 months old. Late bloomers in this house! You read my post about late blooming. It’s good. They’re thinking it all through first. That’s good.

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