Is it a Promise I Can Keep? - #NaBloPoMo 1

Terror strikes. Again. And again.

NYC, Beirut, Paris, Nigeria.

The list grows.

My children ask – why?  I don’t know what to tell them.

“We’re safe.  You’re safe.”

I don’t know if it’s a promise I can keep.

But I have to try.

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo

This is my eighteenth entry to NaBloPoMo, NaNoPoblano and YeahWriteMe’s NoMo challenge.


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    How do you explain to children, that which adults cannot comprehend…We all share your frustration

  2. Avatar

    We’re all facing the answer to those questions I believe. I’m still stunned.

  3. Avatar

    It’s a big fear, written beautifully. Great job.

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    It’s scary but the best thing we can do is to carry on. If we let it paralyze us, they win.

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    Me too. I have to try. I look around at my cozy community – so peaceful and what we think of as safe. Talking to friends about the holidays and sniffles and choices we have to make that seem hard, but we’re so lucky to have.

    1. Live by Surprise

      We are very lucky. We have roofs and food and clean water. We’re not threatened every day. It’s more than a lot of people have.

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    I just had this same conversation with my 22 yr. It doesn’t matter how old your children get, they always seek the comfort of mom.

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    Hearing your heart ache as I read.

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    Interesting that these events featured in both our microstories this week. I liked what you wrote!

    It’s a dangerous world. 🙁

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    I have adult children, and still don’t understand. Somethings we just can’t make sense of even when we try!

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