I Stand With Paris: #NoMoreAttacks

I am in shock that yet again, there has been a coordinated series of events—orchestrated by human beings—to spread chaos and bring an end the lives of innocents.

My thoughts are with the people in Paris and their friends and families.

I’m leaving you with a pic of the French Consulate in Quebec City, Canada, where several hundred people have visited to leave offerings today.

I know at home people are also devastated by this attack.  #IStandWithParis.  #NoMoreAttacks. #YouCantHaveOurPeace.

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo


  1. My heart is totally broken. Things just keep happening and then we have young kids and busy lives and we sort of have to smooth things over in our minds just to go on, and then it happens again.
    Absolutely unfathomable.

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