NaBloPoMo in Review

NaBloPoMo is almost over – two more posts after this one.  I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the new goals I’m setting coming out of it.


Posting every day is A LOT of work.  As much as I enjoyed the challenge of writing every day, nearing the end, I’ve found I’m not enjoying it as much.  Going forward, I’m going to try to keep up a three posts a week schedule (I had dropped to two because I’m working full time). I’m also going to try very hard to ensure they’re quality pieces.


I love writing for writings sake.  I’m going to keep challenging myself with Wednesday microstories.  It’s not as big a commitment as an 800 word post.  I’ve found that they’re helping to refine my writing.  I can use less words and have more of an impact. It makes me think very clearly about the value of each word.  I’m also going to keep up with #1000Speak and I’ll pop into Sunday Confessions, Ten Things of Thankful and Ask Away Friday.


I’m going to work on submitting to the big sites at least once a month.  Live By Surprise is getting out there – and I’m refining a submission goal list.  I’ve hit a few this year – I had pieces accepted at ScaryMommy, YourTango, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff at MockMom and Sammiches and Psych Meds.  I was very disappointed when The Mid closed to new submissions.  I had a piece accepted at the Elephant Journal too (you didn’t see it because they needed a pic of me…and unfortunately I’m not willing to submit).

I set a goal in January of making at least $1000 from my blog at the beginning of last year.  At this point, it appears I’m going to squeak in just over that amount.  I’ve moved to a self-hosted site, and I’m working on cultivating an audience (that’s you!).  I’m so enjoying the conversations – and I’ve made a number of lasting friends. Next year, I’m going to double my income goal.

I’m hoping next year to attend a blogging conference and meet some of you in real life.  I’d like to emulate some of my favorite bloggers – and learn from them. If all goes well, I’ll pay for the whole thing with my blogging money. I’m also taking a writing course.

I’ve really enjoyed #NaBloPoMo – I’ve made a lot of new friends, found some new blogs to follow, and set some new goals for my writing. I may even do it again next year!

How about you?  Did you join?  Have you posted every day?  Would you do it again?

This is my twenty-eighth blog post for #NaBloPoMom, #NaBloPablano and the Yeah Write Me NoMo Challenge.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo

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  1. Congratulations on your success!

    I don’t think I could do it; I just don’t write quickly enough for publication. I can write many many words, and I do, but not stuff that’s good enough to put out there.

    I struggle with frequency. Did you find that your traffic increased a lot by publishing every day? Did you get more subscribers? Some say longer, less frequent posts are the best way to go, and then others say more frequent, shorter posts are the best way. What would you say now that November is done?

    1. Author

      Thank you!

      Yes – my traffic increased – in part I think because of increased exposure – I got more involved in social media along with my increased posting. I intend to post at a minimum twice a week now – as I feel like I can provide better content if I post less frequently. They will likely be longer posts – and I’m hoping my readers will stay on board. We’ll see how it goes from here.

      1. Good to know. I have to give this some thought. I write longer posts, naturally. I have an idea for something rather “epic” in size and now I’m wondering if I should break it down into smaller chunks once it’s written. (I’ve heard longer posts get good traction too, but so far I haven’t seen that.)

  2. Wow, I’m impressed that you’ve made so much (any?) money with your blogging! That’s awesome. I’d love to do that myself. I hope to meet you in person one of these days, perhaps at BinderCon or something, so I can bend your ear about it. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad we met through #NaBloPoMo. I enjoy your writings and hope you surpass your blogging income goals!

  4. Nice work on the income! And the submissions success. That’s amazing.
    I think you did such a good job this month. I looked forward to it. I never knew what you were going to write about!

  5. I’m SO impressed with your submissions success. You’re an inspiration. I’m so glad to have met you in this World Between the Wires, and I’ll assume (arrogantly) that I’m one of your ‘keepers’. You’re one of mine 🙂

    CONGRATS on your NaNo success 🙂

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